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[GNU ELPA] Ada-Mode version 7.2.1

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Ada-Mode version 7.2.1
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2022 17:02:33 -0400

Version 7.2.1 of package Ada-Mode has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Ada-Mode describes itself as:
  major-mode for editing Ada sources

More at

Recent NEWS:

GNU Emacs Ada mode NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.

Copyright (C) 2014 - 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Please send ada-mode bug reports to, with
'ada-mode' in the subject. If possible, use M-x report-emacs-bug.

* Ada Mode 7.2.1

** More fixes for xref-file-location syntax, required by Emacs 28.

** Adapt to change in uniquify-files.
   uniquify-files no longer sets project-read-file-name-function by
   default.  ada-find-file (C-c C-t) will still use this package's
   completion style, but project-find-file (C-x p f) will not by

   Set project-read-file-name-function to uniq-file-read if you would
   like to keep using uniquify-files's completion style outside of

* Ada Mode 7.2.0
21 Nov 2021

** Correct last fix (sigh).

* Ada Mode 7.1.9
21 Nov 2021

** Adapt to change in xref.el xref-file-location.

* Ada Mode 7.1.8
09 Aug 2021

** Packaging bug fix.

* Ada Mode 7.1.7 
06 Aug 2021

** Packaging bug fix.

* Ada Mode 7.1.6 
30 Jul 2021

** Uses wisi 3.1.3 for compatibility with gnat FSF 11, Pro 22,
   Community 2021.

* Ada Mode 7.1.5 packaging bug

* Ada Mode 7.1.4
07 Aug 2020

** Set auto-mode-alist for ada-mode. 

* Ada Mode 7.1.3
04 Jun 2020

** Indentation of 'is' in expression functions is restored to 7.0.1

** wisi-get-identifier (used by wisi-goto-spec/body and others) sets
   completion delimiters appropriately. When using gpr-query, for a
   procedure declared as:

   package Package_Name is
      procedure Procedure_Name (args);

   the completion string looks like:


   so for example you can type "iterate<wisitok" to complete on
   WisiToken iterators, or "add(Data" to complete on all subprograms
   whose name starts with "add" and whose first argument starts with

** New constant ada-declaration-nonterms holds the Ada nonterminal
   identifiers, for use with wisi-cache-nonterm.

** ada-which-function is now a command (can be invoked by M-x); useful
   when you don't want which-function-mode turned on, but want to know
   what function point is in.

* Ada Mode 7.1.2
20 May 2020

** Revert change in indent of 'is' in expression_function_declaration
   to 7.0.1 behavior.

* Ada Mode 7.1.1
14 May 2020

** packaging bug fix

* Ada Mode 7.1
11 May 2020

** gpr_query Version 3

** ada-mode fully supports non-ASCII text (the few remaining
   ASCII-only regular expressions have been fixed).

** gpr_query now starts in the background, and provides a completion
   table of all symbols in the project.

** keystroke C-M-i is bound to `completion-at-point', and uses the
   symbol table provided by gpr-query.

** Commands that prompt for a symbol (ie C-u C-c C-d
   wisi-goto-spec/body and C-u M-. xref-find-definitions) use the
   completion table provided by gpr_query. With a single C-u, all
   symbols in the project are used; with two C-u, only
   symbols defined in the current file are used.

** ada-in-paramlist-p (used by ada-align and other things) no longer
   parses the full buffer; it only parses if in parens, and only a
   small region containing the parens.

** Virtual tokens are used in indent, improving indent computation.

** Error recovery is improved.

** Fixes debbugs 40403, 40964, 37620

* Ada Mode 7.0.1
30 Jan 2020

** fix packaging bugs

** is now split into and; the latter
   takes --prefix and may need to be run as root.

** improve xref integration

* Ada Mode 7.0.0
19 Dec 2019

** parser Ada language protocol version 3

** Added support for the Ada 2020 features
   iterated_component_association (ai12-0061), target_name
   (ai12-0125), delta_aggregate (ai12-0127); these are supported in
   GNAT Community 2019.

** Major restructuring of code, moving many functions from ada-mode to
   wisi for use in other language modes, and using cl-defgeneric
   dispatching instead of function variables. Normal users should see
   no changes, except that some ada-mode functions will warn about

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