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[GNU ELPA] Pulsar version 0.5.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Pulsar version 0.5.0
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2022 05:04:24 -0400

Version 0.5.0 of package Pulsar has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Pulsar describes itself as:
  Pulse highlight on demand or after select functions

More at

Recent NEWS:

                        CHANGE LOG OF PULSAR.EL

The newest release is at the top.  For further details, please consult
the manual: <>.

Version 0.5.0 on 2022-08-19

  ⁃ Added convenience functions/commands to pulse a line using one of
    the provided faces.  These can be used interactively or via Lisp
    (e.g. be assigned to a hook).  They are:

    • `pulsar-pulse-line-red'
    • `pulsar-pulse-line-green'
    • `pulsar-pulse-line-yellow'
    • `pulsar-pulse-line-blue'
    • `pulsar-pulse-line-magenta'
    • `pulsar-pulse-line-cyan'

  ⁃ Deprecated `pulsar-pulse-on-window-change' due to complications it
    created in some edge cases.  Part of this effort was to fix a bug
    that pertained to a duplicate pulse when the pulsar commands were
    invoked via `M-x'.  The duplication had the effect of potentially
    overriding the color of the pulse such as if, say,
    `pulsar-pulse-line-red' was invoked while the `pulsar-face' was

  ⁃ Restored several command symbols to the default value of
    `pulsar-pulse-functions'.  Those were disabled to support the use
    option `pulsar-pulse-on-window-change', but as that is now removed
    we revert to the old and more predictable way of handling things.

  ⁃ Introduced conditionality that checks for `real-this-command'.  This
    is necessary for commands that have to fudge `this-command' to
    provide their functionality.  Such is the case with the
    `evil-scroll-up' and `evil-scroll-down' commands which are
    internally reported as `previous-line' and `next-line',
    respectively.  I discovered this problem while trying to support Duy
    Nguyen attempts that making `pulsar' work with `evil'.

    Thanks to Duy Nguyen for reporting the issue on the mailing list and
    then to Tom Dalziel who explained why `evil' does things the way it
    does (it is a good reason):

    • <>

  ⁃ Documented how to use pulsar with the `next-error-hook'.  By
    default, the `n' and `p' keys in Emacs' compilation buffers
    (e.g. the results of a `grep' search) produce a highlight for the
    locus of the given match.  Due to how the code is implemented, we
    cannot use Pulsar's standard mechanism to trigger a pulse after the
    match is highlighted (i.e. by adding the commands to
    `pulsar-pulse-functions'.  Instead, the user must add this to their

    │ (add-hook 'next-error-hook #'pulsar-pulse-line)

  ⁃ Made other miscellaneous changes to tweak the code base and the

Version 0.4.0 on 2022-07-19

  ⁃ Added the user option `pulsar-pulse-on-window-change'.  This covers
    all commands or functions that affect the current window, so there
    is no need to include them individually in the
    `pulsar-pulse-functions'.  Users who prefer to trigger a pulse only
    after select functions (e.g. only after `other-window') are advised
    to set this user option to nil and update the
    `pulsar-pulse-functions' accordingly.  Thanks to Ivan Popovych for
    the patch (commit `b1a78dd').

  ⁃ Changed the default value of `pulsar-pulse-functions' to omit all
    those commands which are already covered by the aforementioned.  In
    the interest of continuity, the old value is kept in the source
    code, with the relevant symbols commented out.

  ⁃ Named the mailing list email address as the `Maintainer:' of Pulsar.
    The package headers help the user find our primary sources and/or
    communication channels.  This change conforms with work being done
    upstream in package.el by Philip Kaludercic.  I was informed about
    it here:

  ⁃ Updated the documentation, where necessary and made other minor
  …  …

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