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[GNU ELPA] Ef-Themes version 0.4.2

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Ef-Themes version 0.4.2
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2022 05:03:30 -0400

Version 0.4.2 of package Ef-Themes has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x package-list RET.

Ef-Themes describes itself as:
  Colorful and legible themes

More at

Recent NEWS:

                      CHANGE LOG OF THE EF THEMES

This document contains the release notes for each tagged commit on the
project's main git repository:

The newest release is at the top.  For further details, please consult
the manual: <>.

Version 0.4.0 on 2022-08-29

New deuteranopia-friendly themes

  Designed two bespoke themes for users with red-green colour deficiency
  or blindness (deuteranopia).  They rely on blue and yellow hues.
  Their names are:

  ⁃ `ef-deuteranopia-dark'
  ⁃ `ef-deuteranopia-light'

  Announcement with sample pictures:

User options

  ⁃ Introduced the variable `ef-themes-mixed-fonts'.  When it is set to
    a non-nil (`t') value, it makes spacing-sensitive elements use a
    monospaced font.  For example, Org tables and code blocks will
    always look properly aligned.  This is useful for those who either
    use a proportionately spaced font as their default or enable the
    built-in `variable-pitch-mode'.

  ⁃ Implemented the variable `ef-themes-variable-pitch-ui'.  When it is
    set to a non-nil (`t') value, it renders the mode-line,
    tab-bar-mode, and tab-line-mode in a proportionately spaced font.

  User options must be set before the theme is loaded.  If an option
  changes, its value will be read upon a theme re-load.

  For font configurations, refer to my `fontaine' package.

Newly supported packages

  Built into Emacs:

  ⁃ eww
  ⁃ shell-script-mode (sh-mode)
  ⁃ shr

  External packages:

  ⁃ consult
  ⁃ embark

Refinements to faces

  ⁃ Fixed the scaling of current line of `display-line-numbers-mode'
    when `text-scale-adjust' was invoked.  Basically I forgot to include
    the `line-number' face, while all others were covered.  Thanks to
    Anthony Chavez for the feedback in issue 7 over at the GitHub
    mirror: <>.

  ⁃ Covered all faces that define group titles in completion contexts.
    These are headings which are used by various commands, such as
    `consult-buffer', `consult-imenu', and `consult-grep'.  As they
    denote a group name, we apply the `name' colour mapping (the hue
    differs for each theme).  And since they are titles, we inherit from
    `bold' to make them look like headings.  Thanks to Summer Emacs for
    the feedback which amounted to:

    1. Treating group titles as headings.
    2. Using a more consistent colour theme-wide.

  ⁃ Revised the `compilation-info' face from a colour-coded "success"
    face to a value that is consistent with the semantics of its
    application in file names or related (as seen in the emacs.git
    repository).  For example, file names in Grep or Xref buffers will
    now look like they belong to the theme, whereas before they were
    predominantly green, even when that did not make sense.  This point
    is connected to the above, such as in workflows that go from the
    minibuffer to a Grep buffer (e.g. with the use of the `embark'

  ⁃ Toned down the vertical border between windows by explicitly
    supporting the `vertical-border' face.  The previous design would
    use the main foreground which generally led to a disproportionately
    intense result.

  ⁃ Adjusted all spacing-sensitive faces to accommodate the user option
    `ef-themes-mixed-fonts', as noted above.  Also thanks to Christopher
    League for spotting that I had missed the `line-number' face and for
    providing the relevant patch (I do the same in the `modus-themes'):
  …  …

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