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[NonGNU ELPA] Sweeprolog version 0.8.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Sweeprolog version 0.8.0
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 17:05:28 -0400

Version 0.8.0 of package Sweeprolog has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Sweeprolog describes itself as:
  Embedded SWI-Prolog

More at

Recent NEWS:


This file contains the release notes for `sweep', an embedding of
SWI-Prolog in Emacs.

For further details, please consult the manual:

Version 0.8.0 on 2022-10-22

New command `sweeprolog-insert-term-dwim' in `sweeprolog-mode' buffers

  This version introduces a new mechanism for context-based term
  insertion which revolves around a new command
  `sweeprolog-insert-term-dwim', bound to `C-M-m'.  When invoked after a
  fullstop ending a predicate clause, this command inserts a new clause
  for the same predicate.  When called with point over a call to an
  undefined predicate, this command insert a definition for that
  predicate after the current predicate definition.

New command `sweeprolog-forward-hole' in `sweeprolog-mode' buffers

  This command, bound to `C-c C-i' in `sweeprolog-mode-map', moves the
  cursor and marks the next hole (placeholder variable) inserted by
  `sweeprolog-insert-term-dwim' for the user to fill it.

References to Prolog library files are now linkified in help buffers

  The HTML rendering `sweep' performs to display Prolog documentation in
  `*Help*' buffers now also recognizes reference to Prolog library
  files, such as `library(list)', in Prolog documentation.  Clicking on
  such reference opens the corresponding file from the local Prolog

Version 0.7.2 on 2022-10-20

`sweep-module' is now loaded on-demand

  Previously, loading `sweeprolog.el' with e.g. `(require 'sweeprolog)'
  would cause Emacs to also load `sweep-module' immediately, unless the
  user option `sweeprolog-init-on-load' had been explicitly set by the
  user to nil.  This version implements lazy loading of `sweep-module',
  which makes loading `sweeprolog.el' a lot faster and circumvents
  potential problems with byte-compiling Elisp files that depend on
  `sweeprolog.el' but do not have `sweep-module' available at compile

Newly deprecated user option `sweeprolog-init-on-load'

  The embedded Prolog is now loaded and initiated lazily, regardless of
  the value of `sweeprolog-init-on-load', which is now obsolete.

Version 0.7.1 on 2022-10-19

Jumping to source works also for built-in predicates defined in C

  `sweep' now knows how to find and jump to the definitions of native
  built-in SWI-Prolog predicates defined in C, under the condition that
  the user has the SWI-Prolog sources checked out locally.

  See `C-h v sweeprolog-swipl-sources' and the new section “Built-in
  Native Predicates” in the manual for more information about this

Fixes and improvements to `sweeprolog-describe-predicate'

  This version fixes some compatibility issues with Emacs versions prior
  to 29 in `sweeprolog-describe-predicate'.  Reported by Jan Wielemaker.

Version 0.7.0 on 2022-10-17

New command `sweeprolog-describe-predicate'

  Similarly to `sweeprolog-describe-module', this command renders the
  full `PlDoc' documentation of the specified Prolog predicate in a
  `help-mode' buffer.

Prolog `*Help*' buffers are now cross-referenced

  References to Prolog predicates in the `*Help*' buffer produced by
  `sweeprolog-describe-module' and `sweeprolog-describe-predicate' are
  now “buttonized” such that pressing `RET' on them shows the
  description of the referenced predicate.

Version 0.6.3 on 2022-10-16

New command `sweeprolog-describe-module'

  Experimental.  Renders the full `PlDoc' documentation of the specified
  Prolog module in a `help-mode' buffer.

Bug fix affecting `sweeprolog-document-predicate-at-point'

  This version includes a fix in `sweeprolog-beginning-of-top-term',
  which is used to locate the beginning of the current clause.
  Previously this function could hang when invoked with point before the
  first term on the buffer.  This affected commands that depend of this
  function, …  …

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