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[GNU ELPA] Corfu version 0.34

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Corfu version 0.34
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2022 05:03:15 -0500

Version 0.34 of package Corfu has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Corfu describes itself as:

  Completion Overlay Region FUnction

More at

## Summary:


  Table of Contents

  1. Features
  2. Installation and Configuration
  .. 1. Auto completion
  .. 2. Completing in the minibuffer
  .. 3. Completing in the Eshell or Shell
  .. 4. Orderless completion
  .. 5. TAB-and-Go completion
  .. 6. Transfer completion to the minibuffer
  3. Key bindings
  4. Extensions
  5. Complementary packages
  6. Alternatives
  7. Contributions

  Corfu enhances completion at point with a small completion popup. The
  current candidates are shown in a popup below or above the point. Corfu
  is the minimalistic `completion-in-region' counterpart of the [Vertico]
  minibuffer UI.

## Recent NEWS:

[Not available 🙁]

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