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[GNU ELPA] Jarchive version 0.9.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Jarchive version 0.9.0
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2022 05:02:32 -0500

Version 0.9.0 of package Jarchive has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Jarchive describes itself as:

  Open project dependencies in jar archives

More at

## Summary:

  Jarchive teaches emacs how to open project dependencies that reside inside 
jar files.

  # Package status

  This package is still under active development, but should be relatively 
  Any important or breaking changes will now be noted in the CHANGELOG.

  It current works well with eglot on the Emacs master branch.
  I've also included a patch for legacy versions of eglot that are not yet up 
to date with Emacs master.

  See the [CHANGELOG](item/ "change log") for more information.

  # Installing

  This package is available on 
[ELPA]( "jarchive on elpa").
  There is also an example of a [guix 
 "jarchive guix recipe").

## Recent NEWS:

# Change Log

## 2022-12-07 0.9.0 Release Notes
- Add missing file-name-handler operations
  - Thank you Michael Albinus for pointing this out on the bug-gnu-emacs 
mailing list!

## 2022-11-14 0.8.0 Release Notes
- Readme Changes

## 2022-11-13 0.7.0 Release Notes
- Add info about jarchive on ELPA

## 2022-11-13 0.6.0 Release Notes
- Add link to bug tracker

## 2022-11-13 0.5.0 Release Notes
- Fix Typo

## 2022-11-13 0.4.0 Release Notes
- Remove some unnecessary messages
- Misc non breaking fixes
- Quiet down eglot patch messages in case it's called from a hook

## 2022-11-12 0.3.0 Release Notes

- Assigned copyright to Free Software Foundation (elpa requirement)
- Bumped version in jarchive.el to 0.3.0 (forgot to bump to 0.2.0 in last 

## 2022-11-12 0.2.0 Release Notes
- Documentation updates in preparation for submitting to elpa or melpa
- BREAKING: Patching legacy Eglot no longer happens automatically when calling 
  - Users can call `(with-eval-after-load 'eglot (jarchive-patch-eglot))` now 
in their config instead.
- `jarchive-patch-eglot` attempts to print warnings when it is called at the 
wrong time.

## 2022-11-11 0.1.0 Release Notes

- Now operates on full jar URIs and zipfile URIs
  - For example `jar:file:///path/to/library.jar!/path/in/jar/source.ext`
  - also `zipfile:///path/to/library.jar::/path/in/jar/source.ext`
- Removed command `jarchive-move-to-visiting-project`
  - Prefer setting `eglot-extend-to-xref` instead, or use `M-x write-file` to 
save where you like.
- Removed `jarchive--managed-mode`
  - No longer necessary now that `eglot-extend-to-xref` is working properly.
- Works with the latest eglot on emacs master
  - as of commit 
 "Emacs upstream commit 1a2d603bb3938ff68ed1a5412d131b41efd40a24").
- Patches the legacy eglot (version 1.9, released 2022-10-11) on melpa that 
does not contain the changes from above commit to emacs mainline
  - Currently what is available to stable emacs users (version 28.x)

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