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[GNU ELPA] Jsonrpc version 1.0.16

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Jsonrpc version 1.0.16
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2022 05:03:52 -0500

Version 1.0.16 of package Jsonrpc has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Jsonrpc describes itself as:

  JSON-RPC library

More at

## Summary:

  This library implements the JSONRPC 2.0 specification as described
  in  As the name suggests, JSONRPC is a
  generic Remote Procedure Call protocol designed around JSON
  objects.  To learn how to write JSONRPC programs with this library,
  see Info node `(elisp)JSONRPC'."

## Recent NEWS:

[Not available 🙁]

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