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[GNU ELPA] Xref version 1.6.1

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Xref version 1.6.1
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 05:04:18 -0500

Version 1.6.1 of package Xref has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Xref describes itself as:

  Cross-referencing commands

More at

## Summary:

  This file provides a somewhat generic infrastructure for cross
  referencing commands, in particular "find-definition".

  Some part of the functionality must be implemented in a language
  dependent way and that's done by defining an xref backend.

  That consists of a constructor function, which should return a
  backend value, and a set of implementations for the generic

  `xref-backend-definitions', `xref-backend-references',
  `xref-backend-apropos', which see.

  A major mode would normally use `add-hook' to add the backend
  constructor to `xref-backend-functions'.

  The last three methods operate with "xref" and "location" values.

## Recent NEWS:

[Not available 🙁]

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