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[GNU ELPA] Org version 9.6.1

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Org version 9.6.1
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 17:05:45 -0500

Version 9.6.1 of package Org has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Org describes itself as:

  Outline-based notes management and organizer

More at

## Summary:

  This is a distribution of Org Mode, a major mode for keeping notes,
  authoring documents, computational notebooks, literate programming,
  maintaining to-do lists, planning projects, and more — in a fast and
  effective plain text system.

  Check the [Org Mode website] for more.

  [Org Mode website] <>

  1 Install Org

    Org is part of GNU Emacs: you probably don't need to install it.

    To install a more recent version, please do it from [GNU ELPA] by
    running this command: `M-x package-install RET org RET'

  [GNU ELPA] <>

  2 Join the GNU Project

    Org is part of GNU Emacs and GNU Emacs is part of the GNU Operating
    System, developed by the GNU Project.

## Recent NEWS:

ORG NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.   -*- mode: org; coding: utf-8 -*-

#+STARTUP: overview

#+LINK: doc
#+LINK: msg
#+LINK: git

Copyright (C) 2012-2023 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end of the file for license conditions.

Please send Org bug reports to

* Version 9.7 (not released yet)
** New options
*** New options for the "csl" citation export processor's LaTeX output

The ~org-cite-csl-latex-label-separator~ and
~org-cite-csl-latex-label-width-per-char~ options allow the user to
control the indentation of entries for labeled bibliography styles
when the "csl" citation processor is used for LaTeX export.  The
indentation length is computed as the sum of
~org-cite-csl-latex-label-separator~ and the maximal label width, for

    indentation length
max. label width  separator
[Doe22]                    John Doe. A title...
[DoeSmithJones19]          John Doe, Jane Smith and...
[SmithDoe02]               Jane Smith and John Doe...

The maximal label width, in turn, is calculated as the product of
~org-cite-csl-latex-label-width-per-char~ and the maximal label length
measured in characters.

The ~org-cite-csl-latex-preamble~ option makes it possible to
customize the entire LaTeX fragment that the "csl" citation processor
injects into the preamble.

*** New ~org-latex-listings-src-omit-language~ option for LaTeX export

The ~org-latex-listings-src-omit-language~ option allows omitting the
=language= parameter in the exported =lstlisting= environment.  This
is necessary when the =listings= backend delegates listing generation
to another package like =fancyvrb= using the following setup in the
document header:

#+BEGIN_src org
,#+LATEX_HEADER: \RequirePackage{fancyvrb}
,#+LATEX_HEADER: \DefineVerbatimEnvironment{verbatim}{Verbatim}{...whatever...}

* Version 9.6

** Important announcements and breaking changes
*** =python-mode.el (MELPA)= support in =ob-python.el= is deprecated

We no longer aim to support third-party =python-mode.el= implementation of 
Python REPL.
Only the built-in =python.el= will be supported from now on.

We still keep the old, partially broken, code in =ob-python.el= for
the time being.  It will be removed in the next release.

See for more details.

*** Element cache is enabled by default and works for headings

The old element cache code has been refactored.  Emacs does not hang
anymore when the cache is enabled.

When cache is enabled, ~org-element-at-point~ for headings is
guaranteed to return valid =:parent= property.  The highest-level
headings contain new =org-data= element as their parent.

The new =org-data= element provides properties from top-level property
drawer, buffer-global category, and =:path= property containing file
path for file Org buffers.

The new cache still need to be tested extensively.  Please, report any
warning coming from element cache.  If you see warnings regularly, it
would be helpful to set ~org-element--cache-self-verify~ to
='backtrace= and provide the backtrace to Org mailing list.

*** Element cache persists across Emacs sessions

The cache state is saved between Emacs sessions.  Enabled by default.

The cache persistence can be controlled via

*** Users experiencing performance issues can use new folding backend

The old folding backend used in Org is poorly scalable when the file
size increases beyond few Mbs.  The symptoms usually include slow
cursor motion, especially in long-running Emacs sessions.

A new optimized folding backend is now available, and enabled by
default.  To disable it, put the following to the Emacs config *before*

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