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[GNU ELPA] Ada-Mode version 8.0.4

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Ada-Mode version 8.0.4
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 17:03:05 -0500

Version 8.0.4 of package Ada-Mode has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Ada-Mode describes itself as:

  major-mode for editing Ada sources

More at

## Summary:

  Emacs Ada mode version 8.0.4

  Ada mode provides auto-casing, fontification, navigation, and
  indentation for Ada source code files.

  Cross-reference via Emacs xref can use an xref backend provided by the
  gpr-query package, or a language server via the eglot package; they
  must be installed separately. Ada mode uses whichever of these is
  found on PATH, defaulting to gpr-query.

## Recent NEWS:

GNU Emacs Ada mode NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.

Copyright (C) 2014 - 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Please send ada-mode bug reports to, with
'ada-mode' in the subject. If possible, use M-x report-emacs-bug.

Ada Mode 8.0.4
16 Jan 2023

** Misc bug fixes.

Ada Mode 8.0.3
6 Jan 2023

** Support building ada-mode parser with Alire.

** Support using Emacs ada-mode with Emacs eglot; uses an LSP parser
   instead of the wisi parser. Many features of ada-mode are not
   supported by eglot; See the info manual.

** gpr-query, gnat-compiler, gpr-mode each split out to a separate
   Emacs package and Alire crate.

** ada-xref-tool renamed to ada-xref-backend; now supports choice eglot.

** New user configuration variables; ada-diagnostics-backend,
   ada-face-backend, ada-indent-backend, ada-statement-backend.

** Declared user configuration variable ada-language-version obsolete;
   it is no longer used (Ada 2022 is assumed).

** The default header comment is no longer inserted in new files by
   default; you must enable auto-insert-mode to enable that. This
   makes it easier to turn off.

** ada-mode no longer sets comment-padding; to restore previous
  behavior, add this to your ada-mode init:
  (setq-local comment-padding " ")

** ada-mode no longer sets require-final-newline; to restore previous
  behavior, add this to your ada-mode init:
  (setq-local require-final-newline t)

** ada-build-prompt-select-prj-file now takes a filename argument; it
   can be used to specify a project file on the Emacs command line:
   emacs --eval "(ada-build-prompt-select-prj-file \"hello.gpr\")" hello.adb

** In wisi project files, import_env_var=<name> can be used to inherit
   an environment variable from the Emacs process.

** Minor bug fixes.

* Ada Mode 7.3.0
22 Oct 2022 beta promoted to release

* Ada Mode 7.3.beta
9 Jul 2022 beta testing

** Support incremental parse. Set wisi-incremental-parse-enable t to
   experiment with this; default is nil, because the parser often gets

   When the parser gets confused (which is fairly often), use M-x
   wisi-reset-parser to recover.

   When using incremental parse, it is best to keep the number of
   errors in the file small; the parse time is proportial to the
   number of errors, and error recover is often noticeably slow .

** The Ada grammar is updated to the proposed Ada 2022 standard, and
   is now in the file ada_annex_p.wy.

** ada-end-name-optional now defaults to 't', to match the
   expectations of new Ada users. Experienced users that follow a
   style guide requiring matching end names should set this to 'nil',
   since that gives better error correction.

** New indent option add ada-indent-subprogram-is; indentation of 'is'
   in expression functions and similar subprogram declarations.
   Previously, this was ada-indent-broken; now you can set it
   separately (ie to 0).

** Indentation of 'is' and 'with' in null and abstract subprogram
   specification is now consistent with non-abstract subprogram
   specification and expression function.

** Indentation of comment in subprogram body after param_list before
   'is' matches subprogram spec;

   procedure Foo
     (A : in Integer)
   --  Computes stuff
   is ...

** ada-make-subprogram-body now inserts "null;"; this eliminates a
   syntax error, improving incremental parse. Similarly, the skeleton
   commands insert dummy names where needed to avoid syntax errors.

** New key binding prefix C-c r for the various ada-refactor commands.

** New command ada-parse-require-process starts the external parser,
   without waiting for it to respond.

** now runs wisitoken-bnf-generate to create the Ada LR1
   parse table file; it is too big to keep in ELPA. This can take a
   couple of minutes.

** New custom variable gpr-query-no-symbols allows disabling reading
   the symbol completion table from the gpr_query process. When nil,
   symbols are read in the background, but there can enough

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