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[GNU ELPA] Emms version 14

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Emms version 14
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 17:03:07 -0500

Version 14 of package Emms has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Emms describes itself as:

  The Emacs Multimedia System

More at

## Summary:

  Emms is the Emacs Multimedia System. Emms displays and plays
  multimedia from within GNU/Emacs using a variety of external players
  and from different sources.

  Emms can run as a minimalist player and controlled with a handful of
  M-x Emacs commands, or a fully-fledged, interactive media
  browser. Emms can display album art, play streaming audio, tag music
  files, search for lyrics, provide MPD connectivity, control the
  volume, and more.

  Please read the info fine manual which is shipped with Emms and
  available in the doc directory. We do our best to make sure that it's
  up to date and informative.

## Recent NEWS:

New in 14

    * emms.el: Fix emms-seek-* functions to work with number arguments.
    * emms-mpris.el: Fix Seek and SetPosition methods, implement 
Properties.GetAll method.

New in 13

    * emms-mpris.el: provides a dbus interface to EMMS.
    * quickstart section in the manual has been improved.

New in 12

    * emms-volume-pulse.el: Try to find the default sink.
    * `emms-setup-discover-players' automatic player discovery.
    * emms.el: reverse the order players are collected.
    * emms-browser.el: tab now toggles subitems.
    * emms.el: accept timestamps in emms-seek*.
    * emms-playlist-mode.el: Prefer using dired-jump.
    * emms-playlist-mode.el (emms-playlist-mode-goto-dired-at-point): Use
      dired-jump, optionally opening the dired buffer in other-window.

New in 11

    * Bug fix: emms-info-exiftool.el now handles numeric song titles gracefully.
    * Cache is now saved after tag editing.
    * Minor bug fixes in emms-tag-editor.el and emms-streams.el.

New in 10

    * emms-player-mpv.el: bug fixes and improvments (details in VC history).
    * emms-player-mpd.el: bug fixes and improvments (details in VC history).

New in 9

    * emms-player-mpd.el: playing order fix.

New in 8

    * emms-player-mpv.el: graceful handling of no icy-title.
    * Prune defuct streams from the list.
    * Notify if `emms-player-list' is empty.

New in 7.8

    * Fix to Libre.FM scrobbing.
    * Multiple improvements to emms-player-mpv.el.

New in 7.7

    * Add sndioctl support.
    * Use thing-at-point for URLs.
    * Add player-preference interface.

New in 7.6

    * Change the way we write the NEWS file: "New in..." instead of "News 
    * emms-player-mpv.el: Fix customize.
    * Document how `emms-player-mpv-update-metadata' works.
    * emms-player-mpd: fix caching behavior.

News since version 7.4

  - emms-player-mpv.el: fix reconnect-playback-restart issue.

News since version 7.3

  - emms-player-mpv.el: explicitly unpause after switching to a new track.

News since version 7.2

  - Add support for the audiotools tracktag executable.
  - Errors reading track metadata no longer stalls building the playlist.

News since version 7.1

  - Make it possible to force-update Emms cache.
  - Myriad bug fixes and code improvements.
  - Move jack.el into the Emms namespace.

News since version 7.0

  - Add authinfo support for streaming.
  - Allow easily disabling the icon in the modeline.

News since version 6.3

  - Native reading of file metadata via emms-info-native.
  - emms-tag-editor: add pipe capability.
  - Compatibility with lexical scoping.
  - Improvements to the fine manual.

News since version 6.2

  - Updated documentation

News since version 5.4

  - Emms is now available via the GNU ELPA repository.
  - New info method: tinytag.
  - New info method: exiftool.
  - emms-volume.el: Fix missing quote in emms-volume-change-function.
  - namespace cleanup (emms-later-do.el).

News since version 5.3

  - Updated Website launched.
  - New and simplified emms-streams.el implementation.
  - New streaming radio stations.
  - Use track-at-point as a hint for guessing emms-add directory.
  - Bug fix: prevent skipping track when switching them during mpv playback.
  - Mixerctl now availabe in custom interface.

News since version 5.2

  - emms-volume-mixerctl.el: mixerctl volume control.
  - emms-playlist-save: improve behavior.
  - emms-playing-time: add a count-down timer display style.
  - Try to auto-detect the appropriate volume control.

News since version 5.1

  - emms-browser.el: faster thumbnail cache lookups.
  - emms-player-mpd.el: Parse disc number for mpd tracks.
  - Make thing-at-point behavior more consistent.
  - Remove redundant functions in code.
  - Allow changing the mode-line icon.
  - Bug fix: emms-player-mode, more consistent behavior.
  - Bug fix: emms-browser, Don't rely on (interactive "r").

News since version 5.0

  - Add `emms-toggle-single-track'.
  - Fix the way emms-score skips tracks.

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