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[GNU ELPA] Org-Transclusion version 1.3.2

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Org-Transclusion version 1.3.2
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2023 17:04:25 -0500

Version 1.3.2 of package Org-Transclusion has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Org-Transclusion describes itself as:

  Transclude text content via links

More at

## Summary:

                         README – ORG-TRANSCLUSION

  Table of Contents

  1. Example Use Cases & Main Features
  2. Installation
  3. Contributing
  4. License

  Org-transclusion lets you insert a copy of text content via a file link
  or ID link within an Org file. It lets you have the same content present
  in different buffers at the same time without copy-and-pasting it. Edit
  the source of the content, and you can refresh the transcluded copies to
  the up-to-date state. Org-transclusion keeps your files clear of the
  transcluded copies, leaving only the links to the original content.

## Recent NEWS:

* 1.3.2

  - Fix ::

    - fix: Delete superfluous trailing space on remove

      Before the fix, function 'org-transclusion-keyword-plist-to-string'
      would add a superfluous trailing space when converting #+transclude
      keyword's properties back to the string.  This does not cause any harm
      in normal circumstances.

      The issue would occur with a rare combination of the case where:

      - You have a buffer with a large number of transclusions activated,
        around 50 or more

      - You set a 'whitespace-cleanup' in 'before-save' hook

      - You have 'auto-save-visited-mode' or similar that automatically saves
        a buffer

      If you had combination, and then saved the buffer with the
      transclusions, you might get an error mid-way of the save operation. You
      would not lose any data in the buffer, but the buffer would not
      re-activate all the transclusions that had been active before

      This was because of the superfluous trailing spaces and automatic
      removal of them, which caused the mismatch of the point of each
      transclusion that Org-transclusion remembered during the save operation.

* Version 1.3.1

  - Fix ::

    -  Nix requires -pkg.el. It was in ‘.elpaignore’. No functional change.

* Version 1.3.0

  - Feature ::

    - add: #145 a new property and filter to expand links to absolute file 
names (Org only)
      use :expand-links per transclusion

  - Fix ::

    - fix: #131. For non-Org files, now the transcluded text respects the indent
         level of the #+transclude keyword.  This does not affect Org files.

* Version 1.2.0

  - Feature ::

    - add: org-transclusion-after-add-hook

  - Fix ::

    - fix: org-transclusion-map now inherits org-mode-map (thanks to ag91 [1])
    - fix: reverting 252ec675; shouldn't remove the extra space at the end of
           transclusions from Org
    - fix: #115 allow adding #+name, etc. before #+transclude keyword
           (don't remove affiliated keywords when org-transclusoin-remove)

* Version 1.1.1

  - Fix ::

    - Fix rare but destructive issue where buffer text content could be deleted
      by removing a transclusion.  This could happen by killing a second Emacs
      instance (batch or online) or buffer, while the first Emacs keeps
      transclusions added

  - Other:

    - User Manual now refers to v1.1.x

* Version 1.1.0

  - Change ::

    - add:inhibit-read-only: fix:Org export errors with read-only
      With this, noweb expansion works now (limitation removed)

  - Fix ::

    - fix:#105 org-element--cache issue for Org v9.6
      Remove use of silent-modificaiton & inhibit-modification-hook
    - fix:add-all not to stop with error in one trasclusion
    - fix:Remove extra space/line added to Org elements transcluded

  - Other ::
    - README, Info doc user manual, online user manual

* Version 1.0.1

  - Add .elpaignore
  - Bump up version only to enable ELPA; no functional changes

* Version 1.0.0

  - Initial version available on ELPA (

  - Feature ::

    - =:end= property and a search term to dynamically define a range of lines 
to transclude for text and
      source code block

  - Change ::

    - Now user option =org-transclusion-include-first-section='s default value
      is changed to =t=. This seems to be more intuitive for more users

  - Fix ::

    - =org-transclusion-before-kill= now checks if the buffer to be killed
      contains any transclusion AND it is visting a file before saving. This
      fixes some issues related to temp buffers, etc.
    - fix: search options for src-lines extension for =:lines=, =:src=, and 
=:end= properties

† Changes before Version 1.0.0 are in CHANGELOG file.

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