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[NonGNU ELPA] Gnuplot version 0.8.1

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Gnuplot version 0.8.1
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2023 17:06:41 -0500

Version 0.8.1 of package Gnuplot has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Gnuplot describes itself as:

  Major-mode and interactive frontend for gnuplot

More at

## Summary:

                             GNUPLOT FOR EMACS

  This package allows running [gnuplot] files from within the [GNU Emacs]
  editor. It features:

  • Syntax highlighting and indentation for gnuplot scripts.
  • Pull-down menus for common gnuplot-related tasks.
  • Interactive gnuplot sessions using `comint'.
  • Context-sensitive completion.
  • Inline display of gnuplot plots.

  It is recommended to run `gnuplot-mode' on GNU Emacs 25 or above, using
  gnuplot version 5.0 or above.

  [gnuplot] <>

  [GNU Emacs] <>

  1 Installation

  1.1 Using MELPA

    The easiest way to install `gnuplot-mode' is to directly get it from
    [MELPA]. After [configuring Emacs to use MELPA], you should be able to

## Recent NEWS:

                       CHANGELOG FOR `GNUPLOT.EL'

1 Version 8.1 (Feb 18th 2023)

  List of changes for `gnuplot.el' version 0.8.0 ranging from January
  2021 to February 2023.

  • Fixed the `completion-at-point' function

  • Improve lazy loading of the gnuplot-gui library

  • Remove legacy code

  • Lexical scoping and linting

2 Version 8.0 (Jan 3rd 2021)

  List of changes for `gnuplot.el' version 0.8.0 ranging from March 2014
  to January 2021.

  • Changed project license to GPLv3.

  • Greatly simplify the compilation process.

  • Fix deprecated calls to the `cl' library.

  • Deprecated XEmacs support. Bump minimal GNU Emacs version to 24.3.

  • Add a `gnuplot-program-args' variable for passing additional
    arguments to the gnuplot program binary.

  • The `gnuplot-inline-image-mode' can now take three values: `nil',
  `inline', `dedicated'.

  • Add the `gnuplot-use-context-sensitive-completion' configuration

  • Removed the `gnuplot-bug-report' function.

  • The provided `' manual file has been updated for gnuplot
    version 5.2.6.

  • Add the `gnuplot-program-args' customization option to pass
    additional arguments to the gnuplot process.

  • Use `syntax-proprietize-rules' in gnuplot buffers.

  • `gnuplot-context-sensitive-mode' is now a normal minor mode.

  • Enable `completion-at-point' in gnuplot `comint' buffers.

  • Remove the unused `dotemacs.el' file.

  • `comint-process-echoes' is now buffer-local.

3 Version 7.0 (Oct 20th 2012)

  • Contextual completion & help, inline plots, some other stuff.

4 Version 6.0 (Dec 13th 2011)

  • Changed numbering scheme to accommodate gnuplot packaging
  • Moved to github, updated contact info.

5 Version 5.0 (Sep 16th 2002)

  • Wrote initial draft of gnuplot-gui.el, included it in insertions
    menu and in `gnuplot-insert'. Negate option function, bound to `C-c

  • `C-c C-h' with no response goes to Commands menu. Transparent
    toolbar icons. Replace kw-compl with a simple completion
    function. Put gnuplot-toolbar code in gnuplot.el.

  • Send file uses the load command. add `gnuplot-plot-from-comint' and
    `gnuplot-save-and-plot-from-comint' and keybindings in the comint
    buffer. do `(process-kill-without-query gnuplot-process nil)'.
    `gnuplot-negate-option' checks if set option has a negated form.

  • `gnuplot-kill-gnuplot-buffer' made more robust. fixed a bug in
    `gnuplot-plot-from-comint'. fixed description of gnuplot-faces

  • Update copyright information, update gpelcard

  • Change installation materials. Add some support for hidden3d. Use
    constants in types alists in gui. Various other minor improvements
    to the types alists.

  • Removed `gnuplot-which-highlight' variable and revamped how
    colorization gets turned on. This is a bit tricky since I want it to
    work with font-lock under emacs and xemacs and with hilit19.

  • Insert space at end of unique completion. add a few GUI types,
    rewrite some stuff in the GUI interface. primitive support for plot,
    splot, and fit. Fixed completion in file widget.

  • Add `pgnuplot.c' and Win9x install instructions to the distribution.
    Fixed a defface bug. Added `gnuplot-keywords-when' allowing deferral
    of parsing the info file.

  • Fixed font-locking of strings and comments. Figure out
    `gnuplot-version' number from startup message and set
    `gnuplot-echo-command-line-flag' accordingly. Added
    `gnuplot-program-version' variable. Check that font-lock is actually
    a feature.

  • Added `gnuplot-determine-gnuplot-version' so that the gnuplot
    version number and `comint-process-echos' actually get set
    correctly. Actually, the first time something is plotted, the
    echoing might not work, but the second time it will.

  • Once again changed how `comint-process-echos' gets set. Maybe I got
    it right this time? Also fixed certain situations where the info
    file did notget properly loaded (insertion with info toggle on and
    info button in GUI).

  • Do a more robust check for the gnuplot process before killing the
    gnuplot buffer.
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