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[GNU ELPA] Modus-Themes version 4.1.1

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Modus-Themes version 4.1.1
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 05:03:40 -0500

Version 4.1.1 of package Modus-Themes has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Modus-Themes describes itself as:

  Elegant, highly legible and customizable themes

More at

## Summary:

  # Modus themes for GNU Emacs


  Highly accessible themes, conforming with the highest standard for
  colour contrast between background and foreground values (WCAG AAA).
  They also are optimised for users with red-green colour deficiency.

  The themes are very customisable and provide support for a very wide
  range of packages.  Their manual is detailed so that new users can get
  started, while it also provides custom code for all sorts of more
  advanced customisations.

## Recent NEWS:


This document contains the release notes that are included in each
tagged commit on the project's main git repository:

The newest release is at the top.  Since the notes are meant to be in
plain text format, I copy them verbatim.

For further details, please consult these additional resources:



Recursive semantic colour mapping

  Version 4 of the Modus themes changed how all colour-related
  customisations are done.  Instead of multiple user options with
  hard-coded stylistic presets, users have access to a comprehensive
  system of "named colours" and "semantic colour mappings".  The former
  is an association between a name, like `blue-warmer', and a colour
  value such as `#3548cf'.  While semantic colour mappings are
  associations between syntactic/interface constructs and named colours,
  such as what value level 2 headings have.

  When overriding the palette users can now define semantic colour
  mappings whose value is another such mapping.  This recursion
  simplifies how multiple overrides are defined.

  The manual offers extensive guidance on the topic of palette
  overrides.  There are many sections that include code samples that are
  ready for use.

  The addition of recursive semantic colour mappings solves a problem
  reported by Imran Khan on the mailing list where they were trying to
  do what made sense (recursion) but the old code did not permit as

  I was aware of that constraint from before the release of version
  4.0.0 but was hesitant to implement recursion prior to getting some
  feedback on the new palette overriding feature.

  Also thanks to Christian Tietze for participating in that discussion
  on the mailing list.

Extract an arbitrary colour from a given theme's palette

  I formalised the function `modus-themes-get-color-value' and
  documented it at length.  It accepts a `COLOR' argument, which
  represents an entry in the palette (named colour or semantic colour
  value), as well as optional `OVERRIDES' and `THEME' arguments.  When
  `OVERRIDES' is non-nil, `modus-themes-get-color-value' will read from
  the overrides, otherwise it will only consult the default palette
  value.  The `THEME' argument specifies which theme's palette to use.
  In the absence of `THEME', the current one is used.

  I already had the "get colour" functionality internally, but was
  inspired to make it public after checking Sacha Chua's blog post
  "Making highlight-sexp follow modus-themes-toggle":
  Sacha was using a private function from the themes, which would have
  been problematic if I would ever move things around.

  Remember to read the documentation of `modus-themes-list-colors'.
  That command shows a preview of the named colours.  When called with a
  prefix argument (`C-u' by default), it shows a preview of the semantic
  colour mappings.

Option to disable other themes while loading Modus

  In the past, we used to disable all other themes while loading a Modus
  theme.  I revised this for version 4 because I learnt that some users
  use "themes" as bundles of arbitrary configurations.

  With the addition of the `modus-themes-disable-other-themes' user
  option, which is non-nil by default, I am restoring the old behaviour:
  when loading a Modus theme all other themes are disabled.  …  …

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