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[NonGNU ELPA] Subed version 1.2.2

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Subed version 1.2.2
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2023 05:05:43 -0400

Version 1.2.2 of package Subed has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Subed describes itself as:

  A major mode for editing subtitles

More at

## Summary:


    subed is an Emacs major mode for editing subtitles while playing the
    corresponding media file with [mpv]. At the moment, the only supported
    formats are:

    • SubRip ( `.srt')
    • WebVTT ( `.vtt' )
    • Advanced SubStation Alpha ( `.ass', experimental )
    • Tab-separated values ( `.tsv', experimental ) - as exported by
      Audacity for labels. TSVs are not recognized automatically because
      it's a common data format, but you can use `subed-tsv-mode' to turn
      it on in a buffer.


  [mpv] <>


## Recent NEWS:

1 subed news

1.1 Version 1.2.2 - 2023-04-09 - Sacha Chua

  subed should not autoplay media over TRAMP.

1.2 Version 1.2.1 - 2023-03-21 - Sacha Chua

  Adjusting the starting or stopping timestamp (including via merges)
  should now also update the looping start and stop times.

1.3 Version 1.2.0 - 2023-03-10 - Sacha Chua

  I changed `subed-mode' so that it doesn't add functions to local
  hooks, because that seems to mess up configuring hooks from your Emacs
  init file. Please see for recommended code to add to your
  `subed-mode-hook'. I decided to suggest each line separately so that
  it's easier for people to disable specific behaviors instead of hiding
  it in `subed-setup-defaults'.

1.4 Version 1.1.0 - 2023-03-07 - Sacha Chua

  There are new customizable values for subed-enforce-time-boundaries
  that affect setting or adjusting the start or stop times if a subtitle
  will end up overlapping with the previous or next subtitle (based on
  subed-subtitle-spacing), or if a subtitle will have negative duration.

  • `'adjust': the new default. If a subtitle will have invalid times,
    adjust the other time to resolve the conflict.
  • `'clip': set the current time to at most (or at least) the other
    time, taking spacing into account.
  • `'error': report an error when trying to set an invalid time.
  • `nil': don't perform any checks, just set the time.

  By default, you can adjust times with `M-[' (`decrease-start-time'),
  `M-]' (`increase-start-time'), `M-{' (`decrease-stop-time'), and `M-}'

  I've been writing more tests to cover the behavior, but I might've
  missed stuff, so please let me know if things turn up!

1.5 Version 1.0.29 - 2022-12-29 - Sacha Chua

  subed-toggle-sync-point-to-player should not confuse subed when it is
  already looping over a subtitle. Also, subed-loop-seconds-before and
  subed-loop-seconds-after now default to 0 for less confusion.

1.6 Version 1.0.28 - 2022-12-22 - Sacha Chua

  subed-parse-file should handle nil filenames now. Also, it should not
  try to autoplay media.

1.7 Version 1.0.27 - 2022-12-16 - Sacha Chua

  Bugfix: Actually include VTT comments when inserting subtitles

1.8 Version 1.0.26 - 2022-11-30 - Sacha Chua

  subed-align now keeps VTT comments. It also doesn't remove silences by
  default now, since aeneas turned out to be a little too aggressive
  about silence detection.

1.9 Version 1.0.25 - 2022-11-30 - Sacha Chua

  subed-move-subtitles and subed-scale-subtitles are now interactive
  commands. The documentation for subed-scale-subtitles now mentions
  subed-move-subtitles, and I've updated the README to mention them.

1.10 Version 1.0.24 - 2022-11-18 - Sacha Chua

  subed should compile without checkdoc warnings or obsolete functions

1.11 Version 1.0.23 - 2022-11-18 - Sacha Chua

  You can now use `subed-copy-region-text' to copy the text from
  subtitles in a region. Call it with a prefix argument (`C-u M-x
  subed-copy-region-text') to include comments.

  Calling `C-u M-x subed-convert' will retain comments in the TXT

1.12 Version 1.0.22 - 2022-11-17 - Sacha Chua

  VTT comments are now parsed and returned as part of `subed-subtitle'
  and `subed-subtitle-list'. This makes it easier to build workflows
  that use the comment information, such as adding NOTE lines for
  chapters and then creating a new file based on those lines and the
  subtitles following them.

  A new function `subed-create-file' helps create a file with a list of

  Sanitizing VTT files with `subed-sanitize' should retain comments now.

  `subed-convert' should now create a buffer instead of a file if the
  source is a buffer that isn't a file.

1.13 Version 1.0.21 - 2022-11-16 - Sacha Chua

  • subed-align-options is a new variable that will be passed to aeneas
    during execution.
  • Calling subed-split-subtitle with the C-u prefix will now allow you
    to specify either an offset or a timestamp. If a timestamp is
    specified, it will be used as the starting timestamp of the second

1.14 Version 1.0.20 - 2022-11-16 - Sacha Chua

  …  …

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