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[GNU ELPA] Jinx version 0.7

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Jinx version 0.7
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 05:03:33 -0400

Version 0.7 of package Jinx has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Jinx describes itself as:

  Enchanted Spell Checker

More at

## Summary:

                     JINX.EL - ENCHANTED SPELL CHECKER

  Jinx is a fast just-in-time spell-checker for Emacs. Jinx highlights
  misspelled words in the text of the visible portion of the buffer. For
  efficiency, Jinx highlights misspellings lazily, recognizes window
  boundaries and text folding, if any. For example, when unfolding or
  scrolling, only the newly visible part of the text is checked if it has
  not been checked before. Each misspelling can be corrected from a list
  of dictionary words presented as a completion menu.

  Installing Jinx is straight-forward and configuring takes not much
  intervention.  Jinx can safely co-exist with Emacs's built-in

## Recent NEWS:

                          JINX.EL - CHANGELOG

1 Version 0.7 (2023-04-21)

  • Bugfixes
  • `jinx-languages': Only ask in file-backed buffers if file-local
    variable should be saved.
  • Push `undo-boundary' before correcting a word, such that corrections
    are not undone in a single step.
  • `jinx-correct': Use `+' as prefix to add word to the current
  • Add `jinx-correct-map' bound in the `jinx-correct' minibuffer.
  • Add navigation keys to correction UI. The commands
    `jinx-correct-next' and `jinx-correct-previous' are bound to the
    keys `M-n' and `M-p' in the `jinx-correct-map' respectively. The
    commands accept prefix arguments to skip over a number of
  • Add quick selection keys to correction UI. The command
    `jinx-correct-select' is bound to the keys `1' to `9' in the
  • Try to locate the native module `' first on the
    `load-path' before attempting to compile it. This is useful if the
    module is packed and installed separately.

2 Version 0.6 (2023-04-17)

  • Fix the type of a few characters: `.' punctuation character, `''
    word character, `%' and `$' identifier characters.
  • Abandon `flyspell-mode-predicate' completely. Rely on faces only.
  • `jinx-languages': The value must be a string now. Multiple language
    codes can be separated by space.
  • `jinx-languages': Ask if the file-local variable should be saved
    when changing the language.
  • Add `jinx-local-words' to save file-local words. `jinx-correct'
    supports saving to `jinx-local-words' by pressing `*'.
  • Add a lighter and a minor mode menu.
  • Avoid scheduling the idle timer while typing a word.

3 Version 0.5 (2023-04-05)

  • Add `jinx-languages' command to switch languages locally or
  • `jinx-correct': When checking the whole buffer via `C-u M-$', don't
    restore original point position upon `C-g' to ease cursory
    edits. Instead push a mark which can be used to go back to the
    original position.
  • Add `jinx-mode-map' to make it easy to bind keys if `jinx-mode' is
    enabled. The map is empty by default.
  • Ignore single quotes and apostrophes at the beginning and end of
    words. Please provide feedback if this is a reasonable approach.
  • Support spell checking of camelCased words via the
    `jinx-camel-modes' variable.

4 Version 0.4 (2023-03-27)

  • `jinx-languages': Fall back to `$LANG' environment variable, since
    `current-locale-environment' is an Emacs 29 addition.
  • `jinx--mod-wordchars': Handle non-UTF8 return values gracefully.
  • `jinx-correct': Always start from nearest overlay.
  • `jinx-misspelled': Use less obtrusive color for the underlining.

5 Version 0.3 (2023-03-27)

  • Add `jinx-misspelled-map'.
  • `jinx-correct': Unfold invisible line when correcting misspellings.
  • `jinx-correct': Show number of misspellings.
  • Add `emacs-module.h' to avoid compilation problems.
  • `jinx-languages': Use `current-locale-environment' by default.

6 Version 0.2 (2023-03-26)

  • Start of changelog.

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