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[GNU ELPA] Ef-Themes version 1.1.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Ef-Themes version 1.1.0
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2023 05:02:58 -0400

Version 1.1.0 of package Ef-Themes has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Ef-Themes describes itself as:

  Colorful and legible themes

More at

## Summary:

  # Ef (εὖ) themes for GNU Emacs


  The `ef-themes` are a collection of light and dark themes for GNU Emacs
  whose goal is to provide colorful ("pretty") yet legible options for
  users who want something with a bit more flair than the `modus-themes`
  (also designed by me).

## Recent NEWS:

                      CHANGE LOG OF THE EF THEMES

This document contains the release notes for each tagged commit on the
project's main git repository:

The newest release is at the top.  For further details, please consult
the manual: <>.

Version 1.1.0 on 2023-06-08

  This release introduces several minor refinements to the project,
  while adding support for more third-party packages or built-in face

Tabs have their own semantic colour mappings

  The Ef themes are designed to abstract away common patterns based on
  the semantics of the elements involved.  For example, all strings in
  programming modes use the `string' colour that each theme defines in
  its palette.  This allows the themes to share the same code base yet
  remain distinct from each other.

  Colours used for `tab-bar-mode', `tab-line-mode', and related are now
  part of this design.  The new semantic mappings are `bg-tab-bar',
  `bg-tab-current', `bg-tab-other'.

  [ A theme palette can have user-defined overrides (e.g. tweak the main
    background).  Consult the manual for the technicalities or contact
    me if there is any doubt. ]

Added support for the `centaur-tabs' package

  The aforementioned semantic colours are applied to the faces of the
  `centaur-tabs'.  Using it with the themes now works as expected,
  instead of defaulting to its own dark background colour (a default
  that doesn't work with most themes, anyway).

  Thanks to Amo DelBello for bringing this matter to my attention in
  issue 21 on the GitHub mirror:

Covered the `nerd-icons', `nerd-icons-dired', `nerd-icons-ibuffer' packages

  These are a new family of packages that are gaining traction in the
  Emacs milieu (for instance, the `doom-modeline' now uses the Nerd
  icons, which must be installed with `M-x nerd-icons-install-fonts').

  Their colours are now consistent with all the Ef themes.

Tweaked the colouration of the `all-the-icons' glyphs

  I refined some of the colours in use to introduce greater variety and
  amplify certain values while avoiding exaggerations.  In short, they
  should look nice and pretty.

The `whitespace-mode' indicators are much more subtle

  The previous style involved the use of a dim grey background.  While
  this is good to spot invisible characters quickly, it is bad for users
  who want to run `whitespace-mode' at all times (e.g. for Python which
  is space-sensitive).

  We thus remove the backgrounds by default but provide the option to
  reinstate them via palette overrides (as documented at length in the
  manual).  To this end, we have new semantic colour mappings for
  ordinary negative space and its invisible characters:

  • `bg-space'
  • `fg-space'
  • `bg-space-err'

Ediff faces no longer have an implicit dependency on diff-mode

  I made a mistake where the Ediff faces would inherit the styles of
  their `diff-mode' counterparts.  This usually works, such as when
  `ediff' is invoked from `magit', though it will not do the right thing
  if the user invokes some Ediff command directly without first loading

  This no longer happens.  Ediff always works.  Stylistically,
  everything looks the same.

The `git-gutter' and `git-gutter-fr' packages are supported

  These now use the appropriate colours defined by the Ef themes.  This
  …  …

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