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[NonGNU ELPA] Pdf-Tools version 1.1.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Pdf-Tools version 1.1.0
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2023 17:04:23 -0400

Version 1.1.0 of package Pdf-Tools has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Pdf-Tools describes itself as:

  Support library for PDF documents

More at

## Summary:

                              PDF TOOLS README


  The `pdf-tools' Wiki is maintained at <>. Head to
  the site if you find it easier to navigate a website for reading a
  manual. All the topics on the site are listed at


## Recent NEWS:

-*- org -*-
* Version 1.2.0 (Under Development)
** New functionality to improve overall user experience
- Allow creation of markup annotations without a text selection @astoff #191
  + This means that you can now highlight an exact region, for example on OCR 
PDFs! Just select the region by holding down the Meta key and dragging the 
mouse. Then invoke ~pdf-annot-add-highlight-markup-annotation~ (with ~C-c C-a 
h~) and voila!
  + Please note that *only the highlight markup annotation* is supported on 
rectangular regions.

** Functionality improvements and fixes
- Allow setting ~selection-style~ via the Easy Menu @astoff #190
- Improve the experience of editing Annotations @astoff #192
- Enable ~pdf-view-dark-minor-mode~ automatically if the current Emacs theme is 
dark #166

* Version 1.1.0
** New functionality to improve overall user experience
- Make ~selection-style~ configurable when selecting text, via 
~pdf-view-selection-style~ @hrdl-github #73
  + This feature enabled us to change the default ~selection-style~ used in 
~pdf-tools~ from =GLYPH= to =WORD=.
  + The change makes highlighting / selecting text *much* snappier. If you want 
to go back to the old behaviour of selecting by glyph instead of word, or if 
you want to select a whole line instead, customize ~pdf-view-selection-style~

- Track rotation of pages and add a command to make rotation of pages easy 
@vizs #165
  + The new command is bound to =R= in ~pdf-view-mode-map~.

- Add support for maintaining hue in ~pdf-view-midnight-minor-mode~ using the 
OKLab color space @smithzvk #69 #197
  + This inversion method is now enabled by default and can be controlled by 
the ~pdf-view-midnight-invert~ variable. Check out the images in the PR for how 
beautiful the colors look in midnight mode now.
  + Also thanks to @Atreyagaurav for pushing fixes which improved this feature.

** Functionality improvements and fixes
- Fix: Saving a PDF when ~buffer-file-name~ is missing will now prompt for a 
filename (eg: in EWW) @akater #178
- Fix: Ensure ~pixel-scroll-precision-mode~ is deactivated correctly @mssdvd 

** Installation and platform compatibility improvements
Please note: as of this release, users are not expected to manually set 
anything on their machines during installation. (for example: 
~$PKG_CONFIG_PATH~). The installation should *just work*. If it does not, 
please open a ticket so that we can track it.

- Add ~cairo-devel~ to Void Linux package list @crzjp #203

* Version 1.0.0
>From this version onward, we will follow Semantic Versioning for new 
>~pdf-tools~ releases.

** Breaking changes:
*** Raise the minimum supported version of Emacs to 26.3 #26
Drop support for Emacs 24 and 25. This allows for some code cleanup. *This is a 
major breaking change*.
*** Change the default value of pdf-view-use-scaling #133
~pdf-view-use-scaling~ is now true by default, leading to rendering of crisp 
images on high-resolution screens. This should not cause problems on 
low-resolution screen (other than taking up more cache space / increasing 
rendering time), but if it does, please ~(setq pdf-view-use-scaling nil)~ in 
your configuration.

** Improve overall user experience
- Set ~pdf-annot-list-highlight-type~ to true by default.
  + Show annotation color when listing them by default, allow the user to turn 
them off if need be.

** Make changes required by newer versions of Emacs
- Emacs 29 introduces ~pixel-scroll-precision-mode~, which interferes with 
~pdf-view~ scrolling. This is fixed in #124

** Functionality fixes and improvements
- Fix ~revert-buffer~ to correctly work over Tramp #128
- Fix sorting by date in ~pdf-annot-list-mode~ #75

* Version 0.91
** Change the keybindings for traversing history
This is a minor but *breaking change*. ~l~ (backward) and ~r~ (forward) are the 
conventional bindings for history navigation in Emacs, but ~pdf-tools~ uses ~B~ 
and ~N~. The previous keybindings are kept as-is for people who were used to 
it, while introducing ~l~ and ~r~ keybindings as well.

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