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[NonGNU ELPA] Sweeprolog version 0.20.0

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Sweeprolog version 0.20.0
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2023 05:05:08 -0400

Version 0.20.0 of package Sweeprolog has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Sweeprolog describes itself as:

  Embedded SWI-Prolog

More at

## Summary:


                                Eshel Yaron

  This manual describes the Emacs package Sweep (or `sweeprolog.el'),
  which provides an embedded SWI-Prolog runtime inside of Emacs.

  Table of Contents

## Recent NEWS:


This file contains the release notes for Sweep, an embedding of
SWI-Prolog in Emacs.

For further details, please consult the manual:

[] <>

Version 0.20.0 on 2023-06-19

New user option `sweeprolog-top-level-persistent-history'

  This option controls if and where Sweep top-level buffers store their
  input history persistently.  Persistent history is off by default,
  refer to the “Top-level History” section in the manual for more

Version 0.19.1 on 2023-06-14

New user option `sweeprolog-predicate-visible-p-function'

  This option specifies a function that is used for filtering completion
  candidates in commands that prompt for a predicate.  By default, it is
  set to a function that hides predicates whose functor begin with the
  character `$'.

Further improvements in DCG support

DCG completion at point argument names

  Sweep is now able to use the argument names from the documentation of
  DCG grammar rules to give more indicative names for holes when
  completing a DCG invocation.

Documenting DCGs with `C-c C-d'

  The command `sweeprolog-document-predicate-at-point' (`C-c C-d') now
  correctly handles documenting DCG grammar rules.

Minor code simplifications and bug fixes

Version 0.19.0 on 2023-06-08

Greatly improved support for DCG grammar rules

  This version includes an overhaul of Sweep’s treatment of DCG grammar
  rules.  Crucially, commands that suggest the predicate at point as a
  default option now correctly recognize and format grammar rules as
  such.  Furthermore, `sweeprolog-describe-predicate' now correctly
  displays the documentation for grammar rules.

Bug fix in `context-menu-mode' integration

  In previous versions, Sweep would change the global value of
  `context-menu-functions' which caused non-Prolog buffers to be
  analyzed as such.  This was never intended, and now Sweep only changes
  `context-menu-functions' locally in Prolog buffers.

Version 0.18.4 on 2023-06-06

Highlighting and tooltip info for string-style DCG terminals

  Sweep now highlights and annotates DCG terminals written as quoted
  strings in grammar rule definitions.

Improved exporting of DCG non-terminals

  The command `sweeprolog-export-predicate' now exports DCG
  non-terminals as such, using the `F//N' notation, instead of `F/N+2'.

Version 0.18.3 on 2023-06-01

Semantic highlighting and tooltip info for declaration options

  Sweep now highlights declaration options, such as the `volatile'
  keyword in the following definition:

  │ :- dynamic foo/1 as volatile.

  Declaration options use the new face `sweeprolog-declaration-option'.

  Furthermore, Sweep now adds the `help-echo' property to declaration
  options, providing additional information about specific declarations
  on hover.

Backward compatibility for `sweeprolog-make-example-usage-comment'

  The new command `sweeprolog-make-example-usage-comment', added to
  Sweep in version 0.18.2, can now be used also with Emacs 27.  (The
  prior version of this command relied on an Emacs function that has
  only been introduced in Emacs 28.)

Version 0.18.2 on 2023-05-30

New command `sweeprolog-make-example-usage-comment'

  This command, bound to `C-c C-%' in `sweeprolog-mode' buffers, lets
  you capture and insert top-level interaction logs demonstrating your
  code’s usage as source code comments.  See the new “Example Usage
  Comments” in the manual for more details.

Version 0.18.1 on 2023-05-26

Support for SWI-Prolog’s new macros mechanism

  SWI-Prolog recently introduced a new mechanism for using macros,
  implemented in `library(macros)'.  Sweep now provides semantic
  highlighting and tooltip information for these macros, as well as a …

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