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[GNU ELPA] Xr version 1.24

From: ELPA update
Subject: [GNU ELPA] Xr version 1.24
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2023 17:03:28 -0400

Version 1.24 of package Xr has just been released in GNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Xr describes itself as:

  Convert string regexp to rx notation

More at

## Summary:

                  xr -- Emacs regexp parser and analyser

  XR converts Emacs regular expressions to the structured rx form, thus
  being an inverse of rx. It can also find mistakes and questionable
  constructs inside regexp strings.

  It can be useful for:

  - Migrating existing code to rx form
  - Understanding what a regexp string really means
  - Finding errors in regexp strings

  It can also parse and find mistakes in skip-sets, the regexp-like
  arguments to skip-chars-forward and skip-chars-backward.

  The xr package can be used interactively or by other code as a library.

  * Example

    (xr-pp "\\`\\(?:[^^]\\|\\^\\(?: \\*\\|\\[\\)\\)")


    (seq bos 
         (or (not (any "^"))
             (seq "^"
                  (or " *" "["))))

## Recent NEWS:

Version 1.24:
- \w and \W are now translated to (syntax word) and (not (syntax word)),
  instead of [[:word:]] and [^[:word:]] which are not exact equivalents.
- Repetition operators are now literals after \`. For example,
  \`* is now (seq bos "*"), not (* bos), because this is how Emacs works.
- New lint check: find [A-z] (range between upper and lower case)
- New `checks' argument to xr-lint, used to enable these new checks:
  - Detect [+-X] and [X-+] (range to/from '+')
  - Detect [\\t] etc (escape sequences in character alternative)
  - Detect \(:?...\), as a possible typo for \(?:...\)
  - Detect a\|b that could be [ab] which is more efficient
Version 1.23:
- Represent explicitly the gap in ranges from ASCII to raw bytes:
  "[A-\xbb]" becomes (any "A-\x7f\x80-\xbb") because that is how
  Emacs regexps work. This also suppresses some false positives
  in `xr-lint' and `xr-skip-set-lint'.
Version 1.22:
- More compact distribution
Version 1.21:
- Suppress false complaint about (? (+ X))
Version 1.20:
- Fix duplication removal in character alternatives, like [aaa]
- All diagnostics are now described in the README file
- Improved anchor conflict checks
Version 1.19:
- Added filename-specific checks; new PURPOSE argument to `xr-lint'
- Warn about wrapped subsumption, like \(A*C[AB]*\)+
- Improved scope and accuracy of all subsumption checks
- Warn about anchors in conflict with other expressions, like \(A$\)B
Version 1.18:
- Fix test broken in Emacs 26
Version 1.17:
- Performance improvements
Version 1.16:
- Translate [^\n] into nonl
- Better character class subset/superset analysis
- More accurate repetition subsumption check
- Use text quoting for messages
Version 1.15:
- Warn about subsuming repetitions in sequence, like [AB]+A*
Version 1.14:
- Warn about repetition of grouped repetition
Version 1.13:
- More robust pretty-printing, especially for characters
- Generate (category CHAR) for unknown categories
Version 1.12:
- Warn about branch subsumption, like [AB]\|A
Version 1.11:
- Warn about repetition of empty-matching expressions
- Detect `-' not first or last in char alternatives or skip-sets
- Stronger ad-hoc [...] check in skip-sets
Version 1.10:
- Warn about [[:class:]] in skip-sets
- Warn about two-character ranges like [*-+] in regexps
Version 1.9:
- Don't complain about [z-a] and [^z-a] specifically
- Improved skip set checks
Version 1.8:
- Improved skip set checks
Version 1.7:
- Parse skip-sets, adding `xr-skip-set', `xr-skip-set-pp' and
- Ad-hoc check for misplaced `]' in regexps
Version 1.6:
- Detect duplicated branches like A\|A
Version 1.5:
- Add dialect option to `xr' and `xr-pp'
- Negative empty sets, [^z-a], now become `anything'
Version 1.4:
- Detect overlap in character alternatives
Version 1.3:
- Improved xr-lint warnings
Version 1.2:
- `xr-lint' added

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