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[NonGNU ELPA] Helm version 3.9.4

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Helm version 3.9.4
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2023 05:06:09 -0400

Version 3.9.4 of package Helm has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Helm describes itself as:

  Helm is an Emacs incremental and narrowing framework

More at

## Summary:

  This is just a wrapper for helm-core.el and a place holder we

## Recent NEWS:


1.1 Version 3.9.4

1.1.1 Add two new alists to allow extending completions-detailed

  This allows providing detailed completions in more places, see
  `helm-completing-read-extra-metadata` and
  `helm-completing-read-command-categories`.  They are not provided as
  user variables as it may be tricky to provide the corresponding
  affixations functions.  As of now we have detailed completions in
  find-function/variable, switch-to-buffer, customize-variable/group,
  package-(vc)install, package-vc-checkout.

1.1.2 New helm packages manager

  The old helm-elisp-package has been replaced by helm-packages.  The
  old one was too slow, taking lot of memory and even crashing Emacs
  especially with last Emacs-29.

1.2 Version 3.9.3

1.2.1 Ensure to use affixation functions provided by caller in helm-mode

1.3 Version 3.9.2

1.3.1 New progress bar for Rsync action from helm-find-files

1.3.2 Describe-* commands with completions-detailed are now fast

1.3.3 Use Wfnames package as dependency to replace Wdired

1.4 Version 3.9.1

1.4.1 helm-config file has been removed

  Therefore (require 'helm-config) will return an error, don't use this
  anymore. If installing from source use instead (require
  'helm-autoloads), otherwise from a package install, the autoloads file
  will be automatically loaded.

1.4.2 Allow using helm-completion-styles-alist by command

1.4.3 New mode for editing large vars

  Will be used automatically when using the set variable action from

1.4.4 Improve all-the-icons in many places

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