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[NonGNU ELPA] Org-Tree-Slide version 2.8.22

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Org-Tree-Slide version 2.8.22
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2023 10:32:33 -0400

Version 2.8.22 of package Org-Tree-Slide has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Org-Tree-Slide describes itself as:

  A presentation tool for org-mode

More at

## Summary:

                         README FOR ORG TREE SLIDE

                           [2023-08-26 Sat 22:20]





  1 1. What's this?

    The main purpose of this elisp is to handle each tree in an org buffer
    as a slide by simple narrowing. This emacs lisp is a minor mode for
    Emacs Org-mode.

## Recent NEWS:

2023-03-05  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: This package requires Emacs 25.2 or later
        - outline-hide-subtree, outlineshow-children, and outline-show-subtree 
are NOT defined in outline.el contained in Emacs 25.1 or earlier
        - Users of Emacs 25.1 or earlier can still use org-tree-slide.el by 
loading org-tree-slide-compt.el before activating org-tree-slide.el.

2023-02-23  Lukas Zumvorde  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Prevent warning messages during native compilation
        Add line breaks to docstrings to shorten them to <80 characters per line
        Replace deprecated function calls with their new equivalents
        - hide-subtree -> outline-hide-subtree
        - show-children -> outline-show-children
        - show-subtree -> outline-show-subtree
        require face-remap file explicitly to ensure face-remap-remove-relative 
is loaded
        Add missing type definition to defcustom of 

2020-06-11  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Depends on emacs 24.3
        Replace org-tree-slide--narrowing-p with buffer-narrowed-p.

2020-06-05  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el (org-tree-slide-indicator): New plist to control 
showing messages in mini buffer

2020-01-14  Norman Walsh  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Add support for date header (#31)

2019-07-30  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el (org-tree-slide-content--pos): Rename

2019-06-30  Boruch Baum  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el (org-tree-slide-content): Toggle back to slide
        presentation, to exact position where you left off.
        (org-tree-slide-content--pos): New variable to support this feature.

2018-11-26  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Extract header colors from default face of frame
        - the implementation of `org-tree-slide-header-overlay-face' is updated 
so that user don't need to set the variable explicitly. In case user customized 
theme is updated after loading this package, an appropriate function for 
updating the face spec should be run in `org-tree-slide-play-hook'. For 
          (defun my-reload-header-face ()
        (face-spec-set 'org-tree-slide-header-overlay-face
                 `((t (:bold t :foreground ,(face-foreground 'default)
                               :background ,(face-background 'default))))))
      (add-hook 'org-tree-slide-play-hook #'my-reload-header-face)

2018-09-06  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Support additional heading faces (#28)
        - outline-1 and outline-4 can be also emphasized.

2017-11-30  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Added a hook for CONTENT viewing mode

2016-05-14  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Merged breadcrumbs feature (#23) (by Matus)
        - org-tree-slide-breadcrumbs is added to show breadcrumbs in the header

2015-12-23  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Added Version header

        * org-tree-slide.el: Added a tag for Melpa Stable

2015-08-14  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: 'COMMENT'-subtree will be hidden (by Stefano)
        - org-tree-slide--show-subtree is added
        - Subtrees that start with 'COMMENT' will be hidden during presentation 
even though org-tree-slide-fold-subtrees-skipped is nil
        Thanks to Stefano BENNATI

2015-08-09  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Added a flag to reveal subtrees to be skipped
        - org-tree-slide-fold-subtrees-skipped is added
        - The original idea was proposed by bennati (
        - org-tree-slide--heading-level-skip-p was revised so that the status 
can be checked by providing an arbitrary level number.

2015-02-27  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Hide org-clock related code
        - To reduce loading time, org-clock related code was hidden.

2015-02-20  Takaaki ISHIKAWA  <>

        * org-tree-slide.el: Default keymap was changed
        - Due to many reports on conflicting key binding, `<left>' and 
`<right>', these keymap changed to `C->' and `C-<'.

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