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[NonGNU ELPA] Markdown-Mode version 2.6

From: ELPA update
Subject: [NonGNU ELPA] Markdown-Mode version 2.6
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2023 17:03:45 -0400

Version 2.6 of package Markdown-Mode has just been released in NonGNU ELPA.
You can now find it in M-x list-packages RET.

Markdown-Mode describes itself as:

  Major mode for Markdown-formatted text

More at

## Summary:

  # Emacs Markdown Mode
  [![NonGNU ELPA badge][nongnu-elpa-badge]][nongnu-elpa-link] [![MELPA 
badge][melpa-badge]][melpa-link] [![MELPA stable 
badge][melpa-stable-badge]][melpa-stable-link] [![Github Actions 
Status][github-actions-badge]][github-actions-link] [![Guide to Markdown Mode 
for Emacs][leanpub-badge]][leanpub-link]

## Recent NEWS:

# Markdown Mode 2.7

*Under development*

# Markdown Mode 2.6

*   **Breaking changes:**
    - GNU Emacs 27.1 or later is required.
    - Don't allow space between label and text in reference link same as 
CommonMark [GH-774][]
    - Whitespace is required before the closing sequence of an atx header. 

*   New Features:
    - Introduce `markdown-fontify-whole-heading-line` variable for highlighting
      whole header line. [GH-705][] [GH-773][]
    - Backslashes in escape sequences are now treated as markup. [GH-377][]

*   Improvements:
    - `markdown` passes `buffer-file-name` as a parameter to
      `markdown-command` when `markdown-command-needs-filename` is
      `t` and `markdown-command` is a function.
    - Support newer version Eldoc ships with Emacs 28.
    - Don't spell-check against pandoc references. [GH-572][]
    - Support tree-sitter-based major modes used by Emacs 29.
    - Highlight "geo" URI scheme [GH-739][]
    - `clear-image-cache` to make toggle inline image update.
    - Highlight autolinks if a scheme is valid and it is not registered in 
    - Improve horizontal rule rendering in `markdown-view-mode` [GH-753][]
    - Don't load major-mode if it isn't in `auto-mode-alist`[GH-761][]
    - Improve `markdown-insert-table` prompt message [GH-771][]
    - Consider `major-mode-remap-alist` to determine major-mode for code blocks 
    - Set marker after footnote reference [GH-793][]
    - Improve putting text attribute for indented blocks [GH-794][]

*   Bug fixes:
    - Don't override table faces by link faces [GH-716][]
    - Fix invalid italic fontification after bold markups[GH-731][]
    - Fix `markdown-live-preview-mode` fails when `eww-auto-rename-buffer` is 
    - Fix to mistake to handle the line as delimiter row[GH-747][]
    - Fix wrong displaying horizontal rule in `markdown-view-mode` [GH-747][]
    - HTML-escape title in `markdown-add-xhtml-header-and-footer` 
    - Fix wrong inline link parsing that has link title[GH-762][]
    - Don't treat backslashes as escapes inside literal blocks[GH-766][] 
    - Fix `markdown-enter-key` doesn't delete empty checkbox list[GH-786][]


# Markdown Mode 2.5

*   **Breaking changes:**
    -   `markdown-do` supports following link [GH-666][]
        This changes behavior of `markdown-do` at table

*   New features:
    -   Introduce `markdown-mouse-follow-link` variable [GH-290][]
    -   Option to define a `markdown-link-make-text-function` function

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