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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Introducing LibreWRT GNU+Linux

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Introducing LibreWRT GNU+Linux
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 20:46:58 +0930

On Wed, 01 Sep 2010 12:57:42 -0700 (PDT)
"Jason Self" <address@hidden> wrote:

> I was reminded that there's been no announcement of LibreWRT on
> gnu-linux- libre, so here goes a short message...
> LibreWRT is a completely free GNU+Linux distribution that targets
> embedded systems such as the Ben Nanonote, ath9k-based WiFi routers,
> and other hardware that respects your freedom.


> The project can be found at
> All are welcome!

Neat! Perhaps i should fire up the wrt again :)

Karl Goetz, (Kamping_Kaiser / VK5FOSS)
Debian contributor / gNewSense Maintainer
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