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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] NONFSDG: Audacious plugins, Xchat

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] NONFSDG: Audacious plugins, Xchat
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:40:42 +0200
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Karl Goetz wrote:
On Thu, 30 Sep 2010 10:39:01 +0200
jaromil <address@hidden> wrote:

hi Karl,

On Mon, 27 Sep 2010 10:10:44 +0200 jaromil <address@hidden> wrote:
one solution i see is just provide a .patch for the upstream code
and leave distro developers and mantainers apply it every time
they make a new release: a minimal, short term solution.
On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 08:36:35PM +0930, Karl Goetz wrote:
Not really. its /the/ solution if upstream doesn't want to accept
the patch.  One of the big problems with this is different distros
with different versions of applications trying to use the same
patches as code evolves.
ACK. so i should include in the steps outlined the first one: propose
the patch to upstream.

is there a page resuming a short "what to do" when trying to liberate
software packages?

No, but I think there should be one :) (on libreplanet ?).

Indeed. A common generic procedure could make distro development and communication between distros easier. How about this to start with:

* Identify the problem.
* Contact gnu-linux-libre list.
* Add to NONFSDG list.
* Report a bug upstream.
* Create a patch.
* Publish the patch (to the mailing list or commit to /the/ solution if we get around to implementing that ;) ).
* Apply careful diplomacy to upstream to accept the patch.

YMMV, depending on the sort of problem.

Speaking from the gNS POV, especially the last step has been much neglected so far (apart from reporting bugs to Debian). As Paul O'Malley mentioned a few weeks ago, we should talk to upstream more to get the problems we find fixed. This is best done in a coordinated manner between distros instead of every distro contacting them separately. I'm not sure how to go about this. If anyone feels that being the Free Distros Diplomat could be his/her calling in life, please raise your hand. :)

upstream development of software: builds at every new commit and
reports failure on building on various platforms (via mail or
irc), ATM we have 32 and 64 bit debian, fedora, gentoo and ubuntu.
I've thought about such things for various projects im involved in,
but maintaining it and debugging requires much time/effort/skill
then i have to hand.
of course this is a task for sysadmins with time at hand.  and we know

Not just sysadmins, thats the problem. it requires developer input
every time a package build fails. (otherwise, what was the point of the

For just our patched packages it seems manageable. To take responsibility for a whole (or even multiple) distro repo we'd need a few more people, I figure. :)

buildbot its kind of one one could see it as a "launchpad" for
linux-libre..  ..without having to sign silly contracts and be called
"ubuntero" :) and most importantly based on more distributions, not
just ubuntu, but all those platforms adopted by libre distros here.

I like the vision, I just don't feel i'll be able to contribute as much
as i'd like.

Would the vision require a big bang complete setup or could we slowly start with a proof of concept (e.g. the patch set in VCS or build only one of the packages) and grow from there?

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