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[GNU-linux-libre] LibreWRT : A 100% FOSS GNU/Linux-libre Distro

From: risci_atom
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] LibreWRT : A 100% FOSS GNU/Linux-libre Distro
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 20:33:53 -0500

I would like to request that the gnu-linux-libre community
review LibreWRT GNU/Linux-libre [0]. The LibreWRT project would
like to get on the FSF's Approved Distro list, so I would
like the community to review the distro before we request such an

LibreWRT is a GNU/Linux-libre distribution for embedded devices. It is
based upon OpenWRT, but has all non-free or irrelevant software stripped
out. With this said, I hope that some community members would be willing
to try LibreWRT.

0. Install Prerequisites:

   gcc GNU Compiler Collection
      * patch
      * perl
      * flex
      * GNU awk or gawk
      * ncurses-dev
      * subversion
      * libghc6-zlib-dev

1. Get sources :
   svn co

2. configure :
   make defconfig
   make menuconfig

   please note that LibreWRT is optimized for the Ben Nanonote [1], but
   the x86 version does work from a built cd image. Also, 

3. make

[0] LibreWRT     -
[1] Ben Nanonote -


FSF member #8115

Robert Call (Bob)

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