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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] chromium not free?

From: Rubén Rodríguez
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] chromium not free?
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 23:06:57 +0200

> > I assume you mean 'check to the distribution is correct and the
> > problems are upstream', rather then 'ignore the analysis of all
> > other distributions.  Is my understanding correct?  thanks, kk
> nope. sometimes distributions are wrong.

Anybody can be wrong, that's why no analysis on the freedom of a
package should be ignored. Just in case it is right.

> i also think that
> if we base our analysis on original code distributed by upstream will
> keep out of the picture holy wars on distributions and personal
> feelings that might also be provoked by past experiences..

In most cases the only real license analysis existing for a package is
the one the different main distros did, so they are a good resource to
check in case of doubt, and as an starting point. In any case, just
reading the license the author listed and avoiding looking into the
package is not enough. As I said, the linux kernel is labeled "GPL2"
and we all know what comes inside.

> now i just hope Daniel cools down and smokes the peace pipe with us.

So do I.

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