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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] How do you handle references to non-free software

From: Koko Koala
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] How do you handle references to non-free software in public forums?
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 18:43:33 +0200

2011/7/6 Henry Jensen <address@hidden>

If it occurs at the forum of a FSDG compliant distro that now and then
non-free software is mentioned, how do you handle this?

Here at BLAG, we have a non-free forum. But noone uses it (in fact, the forum is not that much used), and I doubt of its usefulness

The question came to my mind because of

IMO, redirect the user to some free solutions would be the best way, and maybe remind the user the purpose of a free linux distro.
Deleting the posts would be censorship and I think this would be not
Non-free software "should be discouraged if someone brings them up."
All right, but in case of many new users or a high-traffic forum a
small team wouldn't be able to discourage every reference to non-free
software because of their limited resources.

What we did on another forum was having a "pre-made" text explaining the purpose of the forum that we posted on every topic of persons that didn't understand it. We can adapt it for free software : something like making a wiki page (or even a full wiki) about all the free alternatives to proprietary software, a list of working hardware with linux-libre and only post this link (with a little comment) on the concerned post. I know that some sites already exist about this, maybe centralizing it would be a good idea
What about references of NON-FSDG software? Let's say if someone would
post instructions how to install a Linux kernel with included blobs or
any other software mentioned on

In this case, simply redirect to this link.
I can imagine that there is a situation where such posts are overseen by a small team.


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