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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Screenshots Of Free Distros In Action

From: John Sullivan
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Screenshots Of Free Distros In Action
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 10:45:25 -0400
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Karl Goetz <address@hidden> writes:

> On Tue, 12 Jul 2011 00:34:59 -0400
> Jason Self <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Right now has a screenshot of Trisquel on the front page.
>> Perhaps it could be done a little differently to help promote free
>> distros (I'm open to feedback about any of this):
> Its a nice idea :)

Let me hijack this thread with a related idea:

While you are taking screenshots, maybe take some that prominently
feature individual free programs, and keep them handy.

We're going to be relaunching the Free Software Directory very soon, and
after re-launch I think it would be great to start adding screenshots to
individual program pages. And of course those screenshots should be
taken in free distros :).


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