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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Not free complety software, why other support nonf

From: Nicolás Reynolds
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Not free complety software, why other support nonfree os and related? umm extrano e ilogico..
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 17:13:09 -0300
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El 26/07/11 10:57, PICCORO McKAY Lenz dijo:
> *ENGLISH----------------------------------------------*
> I have been researching and viewing the list of software that is not
> free (vague and poorly made from Ubuntu the most obvious to the naked
> eye), and the premise is that if software quote, or references
> or supports/recomends/run proprietary software, is considered non-free.
> In this last detail, why most of free software in mayority supports, why,
> why that software compile and run most of them on windows and mac?
> /gtreamer/ is shown not only as free software, by [1]LibrePlanet lists,
> but also shown as an innovator software! I have understood that it
> supports, runs and is even more downloaded for Windows, then thisis
> not logical, this software supports platforms that support non-free
> software such as Windows or Mac (the OS is also a  software ok)? It's
> a reverse case, if we live in shadow behind non-free systems, never do
> get this free as thinking ideology ahead ..
> LibreOffice supports non-free formats!!!, and supports saving on
> them!!!, and its a great support too better in most cases!!!, also is
> placed on top of free software? then there is ambiguity, right! I think
> that the [2]list and policies that [3]exclude software are extremely
> inflexible, or rarely suitable for "someones" others  .. *Libre
> office can support formats that are not free but firefox **can not do ii
> on **plugins? interesting !!!!! ohh well free hell yeah! for me or who?*
> Obviously, if windozers not used and download not reach/know them as
> software right?, so there is obviously a political/independient item
> here .. and smelling like convenience for relationship between developers
> and business negociates!!

I don't understand your point...

Nicolás Reynolds,

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"Freedom [...] is messy" ~ Eben Moglen

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