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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Endorsed distro review for LibreCMC

From: bob
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] Endorsed distro review for LibreCMC
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 11:29:57 -0400
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On 2014-06-06 07:36, Riley Baird (Orthogonal) wrote:
On 29/05/14 00:52, Michał Masłowski wrote:
I believe the u-boot source downloaded by LibreCMC (and LibreWRT)
contains sourceless firmware blobs that we should remove.  They are
not used by any supported device.

At least these paths inside u-boot-2013.10 might contain nonfree

- arch/powerpc/cpu/mpc8xx/upatch.c: contains microcode patches -
various files with "fpgadata" in the names: hexadecimal arrays of
code uploaded to FPGAs - board/netta/dsp.c: bootstrap_rbin -
drivers/dma/MCD_tasks.c: "task code and structures", the code is

It should be easy to adapt Linux-libre's scripts to remove them.

Interesting. Have you found any more blobs? If u-boot were compiled
using a tarball with the blobs included, would the device be running
nonfree code?
No, because libreCMC does not target those architectures. You can't run
PowerPC code on a MIPS CPU. It just does not work. The only targets we support are AR71xx/AR9xx SoC and Xburst CPU (which are based upon the MIPS architecture).

I'm working on creating a libre version of u-boot with the hopes of talking to
the u-boot project in the future.

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