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[GNU-linux-libre] (no subject)

From: ag ag01
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] (no subject)
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 05:23:55 -0400

> > * In ilmbase-1.0.3.tar.xz the directory IexMath/ has non-free software in it
> Looks ok in 2.1.0. List specific nonfree files and licenses?

This is the license text of IexMathFloatExc.cpp:

"Copyright  (c)  1997    Industrial   Light   and   Magic.
All   rights   reserved.    Used   under   authorization.
This material contains the confidential  and  proprietary
information   of   Industrial   Light   and   Magic   and
may not be copied in whole or in part without the express
written   permission   of  Industrial Light  and   Magic.
This  copyright  notice  does  not   imply   publication."

>From what I can tell it doesn't even allow redistribution without modification.

> > * Several man pages in man-pages-3.53 don't allow modification. A list
> > of several is at
> > ~ but I probably missed some

> What license are they under? intro.1 in Parabola's man-pages 3.70-1
> looks free.

It seems I was mistaken about several of the man pages because it said 
which I thought meant only verbatim copying. Some other man pages in the 
package are still non-free
though. man2/getitimer.2 says:

.\" Copyright 7/93 by Darren Senn <address@hidden>
.\" Based on a similar page Copyright 1992 by Rick Faith
.\" May be freely distributed
.\" Modified Tue Oct 22 00:22:35 EDT 1996 by Eric S. Raymond <address@hidden>
.\" 2005-04-06 mtk, Matthias Lang <address@hidden>
.\"     Noted MAX_SEC_IN_JIFFIES ceiling

It doesn't seem to allow for modification.

These 3 man pages seem to have problems:


getitimer.2 and pciconfig_read.2 both just say "May be freely distributed" and 
sysinfo.2 says:

.\"  Permission is granted to freely distribute or modify this file
.\"  for the purpose of improving Linux or its documentation efforts.
.\"  If you modify this file, please put a date stamp and HOW you
.\"  changed this file.  Thanks.   -DM

This seems too vague since what one person might consider an improvement is up 
for debate. I think I
was mistaken about all the other man pages but there still might be some more 
non-free man pages.

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