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[GNU-linux-libre] GNU/Linux-libre from source code for Loongson 3A (1.3)

From: Christophe Jarry
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] GNU/Linux-libre from source code for Loongson 3A (1.3)
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 17:11:10 +0200

Dear freedom lovers,

In an attempt to build a simple GNU/Linux-libre distribution targetted
at Loongson 3A machines, I wrote a document that describes how to
build a basic GNU/Linux-libre operating system. The system, now in its
version 1.3, is built by cross-compilation in three passes (with

1. Cross-compilation toolchain and tools are built.
2. The target system is built.
3. Additional programs are built on the target machine to extend the
   system more easily: wireless_tools, wpa_supplicant, wget and lynx
   with SSL support through gnutls.

I based my work on the writing of Haiyong Sun at

I publish this document on my website in the hope it will
be useful for our community.

Please note that website has moved to

Since version 1.0, some updates have been made, you may found them

1. (under parses gllfsc
   documentation and generates,
   and Note that the choice of partitions and the
   configuration is manual.
2. The gllfsc system resulting from the documentation (ABI n32) can be
   downloaded at
3. I have created web pages for package management using package users
   (pkgusr), for wireless, a way of building Xorg and a short list of
   graphical web browsers usable on mips64el, you will find those
4. I have written recipes to build programs I find useful, you can
   view them under


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