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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] [Dev] [consensus][due: 2016-06-24]: New version fo

From: André Silva
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] [Dev] [consensus][due: 2016-06-24]: New version for Main Page (Parabola Wiki)
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 14:22:59 -0300

On 06/22/2016 12:19 PM, fauno wrote:
> Isaac David <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>>  [[File:Gnu01-mascot-logo+parabola-logo 100ppi.png]]
>>>>  +1
>>> +1
>> +1
> +1
> tip: make a mediawiki template for terms and concepts, for instance, an
> arch template would contain this (put it on /Template:ArchName):
>     [[Arch_Naming_Discussion|Arch (the GNU/Linux distribution]]
> and when you use it on another article, like this:
>     It is based on the packages of the {{ArchName}} and possibly other
>     Arch-based systems...
> will be replaced by "Arch (the GNU/Linux distribution)" with a link to
> an article explaining the naming discussion we just had.  it has the
> plus that if we later on decide to name Arch any other way, the change
> is only made on the template an is immediately reflected on every
> article :)

+1 I agree!

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