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Re: [GNU-linux-libre] what of the distros that have already asked for co

From: Donald Robertson
Subject: Re: [GNU-linux-libre] what of the distros that have already asked for consideration or have been partially evaluated?
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 15:57:43 -0400
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On 03/21/2018 02:54 PM, bill-auger wrote:
> i just re-worded the work-flow related headings on the "incoming
> distros" wiki page to avoid confusion - most notably the former heading:
> "Distros ready to be evaluated by the FSF licensing team" which had four
> distros listed beneath - that was changed to: "Distros that have
> requested consideration"
> those four distros are:
>   * connochaetos
>   * freeslack
>   * hyperbola
>   * libertybsd

I've moved freeslack and libertybsd into the FSF review category, as
they both passed inspection on the list quite some time ago and had
started discussions with the licensing team, which I unfortunately
didn't keep running. But I'll get back on track with them.

Hyperbola had a fairly limited thread on this list.
But it seems to have just petered out. I think it would make sense to
ask if they are still interested, and if they are, to go ahead and run
them as a test case for how we process things on the list (i.e., assign
them a person in charge of their review). They didn't really get much of
a review previously, so I think taking the time to work through it now
would be reasonable.

connochaetos had a much longer discussion, and I believe is still
interested in endorsement (I will doublecheck that), but had an
outstanding issue that the list felt barred their endorsement. This is
the part in the process where we at the FSF have to make the final call.
So it's not quite 'ready for FSF review', but more like 'ready for
appeal'? I'm not quite sure how to word that. But going forward I want
to make sure that someone in their position gets a response from FSF staff.

> the problem is that there is no indication here that those dostros
> actually have requested consideration - previously, these entries have
> been nominated by anyone (and perhaps without even informing the mailing
> list) so it is not clear if all of these are actually interested in
> endorsement - the ones that i added personally ('gnuinos' and 'heads')
> were requested by their maintainers and i added their contact info to
> the listing - i think contact info should be added for the others as
> well - connochaetos and hyperbola i do know have a demonstrable history
> on the mailing list of the maintainers interest so i added their contact
> info - it is not clear though if freeslack or libertybsd have explicitly
> expressed interest - without combing over the history myself, does
> anyone know the history of these on this list?
> or, should the "slate be wiped clean" and connochaetos, hyperbola, and
> possibly the others be asked to start from the beginning of the new
> protocol?

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