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[GNU-linux-libre] [ #1291285] RE: FSF endorsement request for Hyp

From: Jason Self via RT
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] [ #1291285] RE: FSF endorsement request for Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018 10:18:45 -0400

> Hi, i'm André Silva, one of Hyperbola co-founders [0] and I would open a
> new application for an initial review, required to start at the
> beginning and run the new FSF endorsement process protocol for
> Hyperbola.[1]
> Hyperbola is a Free Software and Free Culture project aiming to provide
> a fully free as in freedom GNU/Linux operating system called Hyperbola
> GNU/Linux-libre. Hyperbola is a fully free long-term support
> distribution based on Arch snapshots and Debian development, with
> special emphasis on stability, privacy, security and init freedom. See
> our entire presentation from our site [2] and wiki [3] for further
> details.

Hyperbola seems a feasible candidate. Please request an endorsement from the 
dedicated mailing list <address@hidden>. They should include a description of 
their new distro, a link to their home page, and any other useful info.

They will take over from there.

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