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Re: i bought a walmart cheapie

From: The Ghost In The Machine
Subject: Re: i bought a walmart cheapie
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 20:00:15 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Linux)

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Theorem
on Tue, 06 Jul 2004 07:00:15 -0400
> Theorem, the attention-seeking, sweltering pubic louse wrote:
>> Theorem wrote:
>>> wrote:
>>>>"properly admined"
>>>Here's where your claim falls apart. The typical user is not capable
>>>of doing this.
>> See if you can detect the red herring, you fucktard cunt.
>> Linux makes you stupid.
> I think you got some bad drugs.

Not at all.  Windows users are far more intelligent.  They have
to be, in order to dodge the malware. :-)

[1] Do not use all the capabilities of your tools!  You'll get infected.

[2] Make sure to download the latest patches from Microsoft and your
    anti-virus provider -- except for the ones that are known not to
    work (see appropriate sources).

[3] Ghost your machine regularly, using Norton Ghost.  Regular backups
    are insufficient.  (An alternative for those using dualboots would
    be to do physical partition backups, but that has some nasty
    ramifications -- chief of which that repartitioning breaks things.
    But that's why you're a Windows user -- you're smart enough to know

[4] Defrag your machine regularly, using Windows' software.

[5] Consider using an alternative browser, such as Mozilla or Opera,
    if IE does not meet your needs.

[6] And most importantly, always make sure to use the search facilities
    available to you -- Microsoft in particular has some, but so do
    Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, Lycos, and others -- to find relevant issues
    on the Web regarding Windows malware, threat levels, recommended
    actions, etc.

With Linux, it's mostly:

[1] Plug in, slap in CD, install, reboot, install some more (some distros),
    configure, done.

Way too simple for some minds. :-)  Perhaps we need to eradicate Linux
to improve the human condition.  (I'd fight that, mind you.  I happen
to like Linux.)

It's still legal to go .sigless.

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