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Re: Use of GPL'd code with proprietary programs

From: Barak Zalstein
Subject: Re: Use of GPL'd code with proprietary programs
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 12:04:48 +0300
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Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:
If the licenses are incompatible, IE if the derivate work can't provide
GPL's conditions, then they can't be combined in that way since it will
be a copyright violation of the original GPL'ed work.

While creating a mixture of GPL, BSD, CPL, other similarly licensed source files and linking them together seems to not violate user freedoms, CPL marked as incompatible by is good enough reason to say no thanks. Maybe instead of going in circles, it would be interesting to see if a project such as eclipse accepts patches that include readline, GNU scientific library, or similar GPL code without causing FSF conflicts. It would not be a replacement for business legal advice, but may help to clear things for bystanders. OTOH, the experiment would probably mean nothing as the analogous case is that Linux kernel is GPLed and blends nicely with proprietary components.


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