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Re: Don't Waste Your Time With Linux

From: Brian B
Subject: Re: Don't Waste Your Time With Linux
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 12:46:18 +0200
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R.F. Pels wrote:

> Lamar Rustin wrote:
>> After enduring years of painful computing with Windows I decided to
>> spring for SUSE Professional at $109.00 on Amazon. All I can say is DON'T
>> waste your money on this pile of half completed garbage. I have a
>> mainstream Asus P4P800 Deluxe Intel mother board and virtually nothing on
>> this board worked. My RAID controller, a VIA 6410 did not work. Sound did
>> not work. The giga ethernet did not work. SATA did not work. My scanner
>> was not supported (Canon). My printer was not supported (Lexmark). My
>> mouse extra buttons do not work (Logitech).
> And my advice to you is to refrain from slander if you didn't do your
> homework first. If and how and why your stuff is or is not supported is
> easily findable on the internet, and I bet you didn't take the time to
> inform yourself if your hardware was supported or not.
>> My advice is to avoid Linux all together and use Windows XP because at
>> least it works with all my hardware.
> So, until you learn to inform yourself beforehand, I'm advising you to
> keep your slanderous mouth shut, troll.

'painful computing wint Windows'? - Linux isn't for stupids.. And aparently
Windows isn't either..:-)
My Raid controller works just fine with Mandrake - No problems!
My Via-BIOS works fine - No problems..

I tried Windows XP. It works for a period, then comes all the problems.
- lost files, system lock-up at boot, etc.
I'm never returning to WinBlows!!
--- Brian B ---

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