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Re: Is forcing "upstream" distribution really OK for free software?

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Is forcing "upstream" distribution really OK for free software?
Date: 08 Jul 2004 12:38:03 GMT

Martin Dickopp <> wrote:
> If you're looking for the official position of the GNU project, this
> newsgroup is probably not the best place to ask.  In my experience,
> most regulars here are not GNU/FSF officials.

I'm not. I'm trying to filter out my bad ideas before getting slapped by
FSF again. I really don't understand where the error is in this
situation and I'd like to figure that out before reporting a bug.

> statement "It is also acceptable for the license to require that, if you
> have distributed a modified version and a previous developer asks for a
> copy of it, you must send one."

That's it. It seems to interfere with the right to adapt the program to
your needs, if you are some association rather than an individual. Also
if you have no way to send for free, it looks like an effective royalty
payment on distribution.


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