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Re: GNU project _does_ discriminate contributors by classes

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: GNU project _does_ discriminate contributors by classes
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2019 15:04:27 +0300
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Jason Self <> wrote:
> On Tue, 2019-10-29 at 17:43 +0300, Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:
>> To the best of my knowledge, thatʼs completely untrue: major GNU subprojects 
>> do discriminate contributors by classes: if a contributor-to-be happens to 
>> be an employee, FSF does not trust his words about origin of his 
>> contribution, he has to bring a reference from his employer.
>> Speaking frankly, even if we put aside how time-consuming it may be, itʼs 
>> hard for me to imagine what can be more degrading and thus ‘alienating’ to 
>> someone, than a straightaway demand to prove that he is not a liar.
> I believe this to be a mischaracterization of the situation.
> This is related to the copyright assignment mentioned earlier. As an example, 
> some have employment contracts with wording to the effect that "anything you 
> ever do anywhere ever always belongs to us no matter what." People with such 
> employment contracts aren't able to assign the copyright for their work 
> because it was never theirs to begin with and the employer needs to do so. 
> The information at [0] mentions this that "we ***may*** also need an 
> employer’s disclaimer..." because...

...FSF does not believe in GNU contributorsʼ honesty?

> it is not required for all situations of all people with employers (with your 
> "if a contributor-to-be happens to be an employee" statement.) I did not have 
> to get one, for example, even though I am employed because I am not in such a 
> situation.

Could you elaborate, if thatʼs not a secret?  Did you not have to get one, 
because some paper already was in your possession and you send a copy of it?

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