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Re: A GNU “social contract”?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: A GNU “social contract”?
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2020 22:12:45 +0100
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* Samuel Thibault <> [2020-01-02 22:01]:
> Jean Louis, le jeu. 02 janv. 2020 21:53:48 +0100, a ecrit:
> > To say all in the context as you explained it would bring burden to
> > developers who did not plan to make it for blind users.
> And yet that's what *has* to be done. That's what we have achieved to a
> large extent for internationalization.

I am sorry, that is nonsense.

If blind user wish to play Sudoku, one could somehow make it, but if
blind user wish to draw on GIMP graphical program, forget about
it. Blind user is impaired user and cannot possibly have capacity as
non-blind user can.

Thus to include "all" in social contract, and to impose to developers
something like that lacks a good analysis, unspoken from the fact that
"social" contract is not social, but rather attempt from you few guys
to take over GNU project under some kind of self-imposed government
and with a lot of hidden agenda.

Just speak transparently, I don't even have a feeling that "all"
relates to blind users only, so please speak transparently, and tell
which other groups you think should be included, like what is actually
the problem there? As so far I know GNU is already for everybody, and
many accessibility features are alread there. So I cannot believe that
blind users are some "problem" that has to be resolved by imposing
certain features to be programmed by GNU programmers. That would not
bring more contributors, that policy would be damaging, not

> > I suggest that any consent to provide software with features for
> > blind users shall come from individual decisions and participations in
> > such.
> That's what has been going on for decades, and the conclusion is: that
> doesn't work, there is not enough manpower such way. So the matter has
> to come from more fundamental principles, to bring people into caring
> about them.

Can you please tell us here few names of blind users, like could you
have them here to participate, so that we know how actually and
specifically we can help them to enjoy the GNU software?

Can we hear from blind users?

If you are their representative, could you provide us some credible
references of your representation? Do you have some statement from
blind users association that they need certain GNU features for blind

Did any of those blind users file a bug for any specific GNU software?

> > If you wish to make software accessible to blind users, file bugs, or
> > program it for blind.
> Been doing that for twenty years already.

Pleas give me reference to those bugs filed, if you have been doing it
20 years, there shall be many bugs filed for blind users.

> But programmers have been inventing a lot of software in the meanwhile
> too, so it's a never-ending lost battle. Really, compare that to
> internationalization. If the GNU project hadn't taken care of putting
> that into the GCS, programmers would have taken much less time in making
> their software translable, handle non-ASCII, etc.
> > Don't impose on GNU programmers such requirement,
> As mentioned previously, it's even the UN itself which does impose
> it.

UN impose also the freedom of travel anywhere you wish, meaning that
no passport is required, but that is not a reality.

Waiting for the list of your bugs filed in last 20 years and comments
from actual blind users.


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