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Re: about the GNU promise

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: about the GNU promise
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2020 00:06:02 +0300
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* Benno Schulenberg <> [2020-02-05 08:36]:
> Hi all,
> Maintainer of GNU nano talking here.  I haven't followed the whole discussion,
> but I've peeked at some of the archived emails, and was disheartened by the
> tone and attitude in some of them.  :|
> Anyway... I've carefully read
> (Last modified: 2020/01/22 11:55), and here are my comments.
> Please don't call the document a Social Contract.  The first sentence says:
> "These are the core commitments of the GNU Project...".  In other words:
> these are promises.  A better title for the document would be:

I am sorry, if you respect RMS, then please respect the leadership as is not authorized domain, it is splitter group that is
not doing anything good to GNU project, neither they wish good to
RMS. They are extremists who are guided by other politics, and from
viewpoint of other politics, they are guided to destroy the GNU
project and community by introducing fears, uncertainties and doubts.

The domain is not GNU project and does not speak for GNU project.

Participating in the creation of such document without talking to RMS
is, if you ask me, pure disrespect. It is simply not theirs to create
such document, in other words, they are not endorsed.


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