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Re: Endorsing version 1.0 of the GNU Social Contract

From: Carlo Wood
Subject: Re: Endorsing version 1.0 of the GNU Social Contract
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2020 22:20:09 +0100

On Thu, 6 Feb 2020 12:00:22 +0100 (CET) wrote:

> Thanks for the precisions. I would like to take this opportunity to
> declare my support to initiatives aiming at being more inclusive of
> women in GNU. I am for example quite surprised that (as far as I saw)
> only one or two women contributed to this discussion threat, and that
> their comments were simply technical. Some form of affirmative action
> and active outreach in the direction of women seems urgently needed
> here. Frederic 

Why do you think women need special support? To me, it doesn't matter
what gender someone is, it is therefore not part of this or any other
discussion. People involved have a gender, sure, it just isn't relevant
what it is. I wonder why you are trying to make it an issue.

Carlo Wood <>

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