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Re: GNU Social Contract 1.0 - doubts

From: Phil Maker
Subject: Re: GNU Social Contract 1.0 - doubts
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 10:57:59 +0930

Final answer to the Social Contract Question from Phil Maker

1. Since I've only got two options (:-)) I choose "I do not adhere" which should be read as after
    a bit of investigation and time wasting that this is a very bad idea. Every rock you lift up has
    something under it (who, why, how, ....). I'm with RMS on this.

2. Feel free to publish my name as  a dissident. This is to suggest I disagree is fine, but to suggest
    I not adhere to some of your standards would be unfortunate. Using the word dissident is fine.

Have a good one.

On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 9:14 AM Brian.Tiffin <> wrote:

Phil Maker wrote:
> Ludovic, ...,
> Re the Social Contract I'm sure greater minds than mine have looked at
> it but I feel obliged to make some sort of response of which the next
> paragraph is the only
> important one.
> Given the two options "I endorse" or "I do not adhere to" may I be bold as
> to choose
> the third option, i.e. no thanks, not interested, neither answer is
> acceptable to me.
> Please be so kind as to record that somewhere and if you make any public
> lists of
> responses it would be nice to put that in.
Totally agree with Phil on this one.  I voted no on even holding these
discussions in a public area, months ago now.  Still don't want to take

So, you'll find my imaginary non endorsement tucked inside my letter to

If that sounds like an unkind swipe, it is.  I have no inclination to
think that any, ANY, of these current modes of communication are well
intended; responses will not be veiled as well intended or kind.  Akin
to when you may have to slap someone in the face when they are risking
themselves and others in a state of panic.  Sowing discontent with a
polite smile is not good, it smacks of evil and willful ignorance.

I'll add that I'd like to be removed from any further imaginary fair-use
of the email address that was scraped from fencepost, Ludovic.  Make
that removal real, please.  You were not given my permission for use of
that information for that purpose.  And now you are given an explicit
demand to cease and desist.  The fact that that information might happen
to match what I may have exposed on gnu-misc-discuss and other lists is
irrelevant.  Cease and desist usage for those imaginary purposes. 
Personally speaking, there is no i in my concept of team GNU.  There is
"me", Richard Stallman and those he deems worthy of the Gnuisance moniker.

This us versus them wedge is imaginary; the fallout and after effects
are and will be real, and in my opinion, damagingly so.

Have good, make real

Phil Maker
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phone: +61 (0)447 630 229

"Think on this doctrine, that reasoning beings were created for one another's sake; that to be patient is a branch of justice, and that men sin without intending it" -- Marcus Aurelius

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