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Re: [Hangout - NYLXS] duplicated messages and NYLXS cross-posting

From: Alexandre François Garreau
Subject: Re: [Hangout - NYLXS] duplicated messages and NYLXS cross-posting
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 14:17:17 +0100

Le dimanche 16 février 2020, 10:03:11 CET Daniel Pocock a écrit :
> Some odd things appear to be going on between gnu-misc-discuss and
> Some people appear to be cross-posting to both lists and/or other lists

Likely Ruben, right? he used that same domain once for personal mail 
didn’t he?

> Is FSF censoring gnu-misc-discuss and other GNU lists and are these
> other things an attempt to circumvent that?

Yes there is moderation, but this is not of their action.

> Can there be a more efficient way to achieve this?

That recalls me an idea of convention/norm I had once about irc: for each 
channel, create a samenamed channed suffixed with “-offtopic” where anyone in 
the main topic interested in discussing offtopic stuff with people who’re 
used to discuss or be interested into the main topic would be.

The same way a “-unmoderated” list could be created that would relay 
anything having been moderated, for people who don’t mind reading garbage, 
insults and other unkind stuff (alongside with the answers to them).  But 
that’d be difficult to set up.  I recall having talked about a such thing 
with mailman hackers some years ago, but they were already too busy.

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