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The General Public Licence (GPL) as the basic governance tool

From: Christophe Poncy
Subject: The General Public Licence (GPL) as the basic governance tool
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 02:27:04 +0100
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Simple user here.

On 2/16/20 20:28 PM, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Of course it is a personal choice for every one of us whether or not to
> uphold these basic GNU values.  I know that GNU maintainers are not
> required to adhere or uphold even any free software values and I must
> say that was pretty shocked when I learnt that, but it makes me happy to
> be able to make this commitment of freedom towards our users.

FWIW: I do NOT need it. We have the GPL to protect that freedom. Please,
don't take users hostage. This anti-social contract could make us lose
it. Let’s call a cat a cat. It's a tool for you, not for us. Anyway, it
misses the point of free software, his glory, and all that it embraces.
It could help to produce better software by establishing the social
domination of programmers, but in a world governed by code, we have to
focus on the GPL. [1]

As Larry Lessig said, "Richard Stallman's work represents the most
important work for freedom that this culture, the American culture, has
seen in many many generations". [1]  What is happening here is a shame.
Please, stop.


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