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Re: Endorsing the GNU Social Contract

From: Ruben Safir
Subject: Re: Endorsing the GNU Social Contract
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 15:27:51 -0500
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On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 08:28:50PM +0100, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Thank you all for working on this.

There is nothing to thank them for.  They are doing it for there own
greedy reasons.

> > If you are a GNU maintainer and do support this initiative please reply
> > to this email, Reply-To set, (preferably signed with your OpenPGP key)
> > stating:
> >
> >   I, maintainer of package X, endorse version 1.0 of the GNU
> >   Social Contract, available at
> >   <>.
> >
> > You will then be listed here:
> > <>

This cross posting from the illegal website needs to be banned.

> I, a maintainer of GNU Mes and GNU LilyPond and a developer on GNU Guix
> and GNU 8sync, endorse version 1.0 of the GNU Social Contract, available
> at <>.
> > You might have seen that this initiative is not supported by Richard
> > Stallman. Nevertheless, we consider it a legitimate action by and for
> > GNU maintainers to collectively define the core values we believe GNU
> > stands for.

It is NOT SUPPORTED BY GNU.  It is NOT SUPPORTED by Stallman in his ROLE
as head of the GNU Project.  It is objected to and resisted by the GNU

> Of course it is a personal choice for every one of us whether or not to
> uphold these basic GNU values.  

The values in this agreement are NOT GNU values.  They not only have
nothing to do with GNU, but they weaken the GNU project and its purpose.

The GNU values is outlined in the Four Freedoms.  In this video, for

you find Richard Stallman ***BRAVELY*** in the face of toltalerian
dictatorship confront forces of digital censorship, control, and
repression, in a place where his message, and the real message of GNU
could have caused him to be arrested and even killed.  It has happened
in that country, and happened recently.

There is no subsitution for these values and there is no substitution
for this man, a man I personal consider my friend.

> I know that GNU maintainers are not
> required to adhere or uphold even any free software values and I must
> say that was pretty shocked when I learnt that, but it makes me happy to
> be able to make this commitment of freedom towards our users.

This contract is a fraud and does nothing to promote freedom or help

It seeds discent and lays down cover for an aggressive attack on RMS and
GNU, to create a pretense for destroying the organization and destorying
RMS personally.

Don't make yourself an enemy of GNU and its mission.  Don't cohort with
lynch mods and pirates.


> Greetings,
> janneke
> -- 
> Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond
> Freelance IT | Avatar®

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