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Endorsement of the GNU Social Contract

From: Andrej Shadura
Subject: Endorsement of the GNU Social Contract
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 09:53:03 +0300
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I, the maintainer of package GNU indent, endorse version 1.0 of the GNU
Social Contract, available at:

> # GNU Social Contract 1.0
> ---
> These are the core commitments of the GNU Project, which creates and
> distributes a software system that respects users' freedoms.
> ## The GNU Project respects users' freedoms
> The GNU Project provides software that guarantees to all users the
> _Four Essential Freedoms_, without compromise:
>   0. The freedom to run the program as they wish, for any purpose.
>   1. The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does
>      their computing as they wish.
>   2. The freedom to redistribute copies so they can help others.
>   3. The freedom to distribute copies of their modified versions to others.
> The GNU Project adopts policies that encourage and enable developers
> to actively defend user freedom.  These policies include using
> _copyleft licenses_, designed to ensure that users’ freedoms cannot be
> stripped off, when appropriate.
> Besides upholding the Four Essential Freedoms, the GNU Project pays
> attention to new threats to users' freedom, and responds to them as they
> arise.
> ## The GNU Project provides a consistent system
> The GNU Project develops an operating system, the _GNU System_, as well as
> a set of applications.  Each software component developed by the GNU Project
> is referred to as a _GNU package_.  GNU package developers work together to
> ensure consistency across packages.
> ## The GNU Project collaborates with the broader free software community
> The GNU Project works together with other free software projects to
> advance its goals, and aims to extend the reach of the project beyond
> the GNU System.
> ## The GNU Project welcomes contributions from all and everyone
> The GNU Project commits to providing a harassment-free
> experience for all contributors.  It wants to give everyone the
> opportunity of contributing to its efforts on any of the many tasks that
> require work.  It welcomes all contributors, regardless of their gender,
> ethnicity, sexual orientation, level of experience, or any other
> personal characteristics.

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