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Re: Endorsement of the Social Contract 1.0

From: Kaz Kylheku (gnu-misc-discuss)
Subject: Re: Endorsement of the Social Contract 1.0
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 07:24:38 -0800
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On 2020-02-20 05:43, Ludovic Courtès wrote:

I, co-maintainer of GNU Guix, GNU Guile, the GNU Shepherd, and
GNU Guile-RPC, and a contributor to other GNU packages, endorse
version 1.0 of the GNU Social Contract, available at:

This endorsement means that I believe in the values stated in the
document and that I’m willing to uphold them as part of my GNU
maintainer role.

That's nice. I know of a GNU maintainer who believes in Buddhism,
and upholds those values as part of his maintainer role (and
any other role).

Good thing it's not required of everyone, isn't it!

I’m looking forward to more fellow maintainers judging the document on
what it actually says and taking this opportunity to express a firm
commitment to GNU and free software.

... plus two other other clauses not having a darn thing to do with
freedom, and one that is just PC inclusivity rhetoric with a twist:
no minimum level of experience required!

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